Commercial Vacuum Cleaners Choosing the Right Machine

The commercial dry vacuum range has one of the widest selections of machines to choose from, the choice is great and by thinking about what you want your vacuum to do choosing the right machine can be very easy.

When choosing your commercial dry vacuum cleaner we have a simple 2-step process that should allow you to quickly choose the right vacuum cleaner to suit your needs.

Step 1. Specification and Requirements,

Each vacuum has its own special purpose and specialisations; by looking at the model number of the vacuum it is easy to tell what the specialisation of the vacuum is.

  • Power Saving – If you need a power saving vacuum cleaner then you need to look for Vacuums with the following in the name, NSP (e.g. NSP200) PSP (e.g. PSP200) and PPR (e.g.PPR200). All these vacuums have Autosave technology and have lower power consumption than other vacuum cleaners in the commercial dry vacuum range.
  • Compact – Need a compact machine, with a caddy top to store tools, then the NVP (e.g. NVP370) line of commercial dry vacuums is the right set of vacuum cleaners for you. With a caddy top with space for hand tools, they are ideal when space is at a premium.
  • Trolley - If you want your commercial dry vacuum cleaner to have a built-in trolley then the PPT range is ideal for you (e.g. PPT220). This range incorporates all the features of a standard vacuum cleaner (AutoSave Included) with the addition of a convenient trolley system and caddy tray for cleaning tools and utensils.
  • Carpet Brush – If you tend to clean large areas of carpet then you need a Turbo Vacuum cleaner. These commercial dry vacuum cleaners have the addition of an electric floor tool that makes cleaning carpets even more effective. Look for a T toward the end of the model number e.g. NRV200T
  • Quiet Vacuum – For premises such as Hotels and schools sometimes it is important that vacuum cleaners are a little quieter whilst in use if this is the case look at the NVQ range (e.g. NVQ370). The Q in the name stands for Quiet.
  • Tough Casing – With a StructoFoam casing these vacuum cleaners are a little bit tougher than your average vacuum cleaner. Look for 380 in the model number e.g. NVQ380.
  • Back Pack Vacuum – In Cinemas and aircraft portability is essential, in these cases the RSV range (e.g. RSV200) of backpack or rucksack dry vacuum cleaners are ideal. These vacuum cleaners are very portable and great for use in those hard to reach areas.
  • Just a Plain Ready Salted Vacuum is all I require – Look at the NRV range(e.g. NRV200), Great for hundreds of applications. The NRV range comes with High and low modes and is ideal for the normal contract cleaner.

Step 2. Choose Your Capacity

The second section of the model number denotes the size and capacity of the dry vacuum cleaner.

  • 180 (e.g. PSP180) – 8 litres Capacity
  • 200 / 220 (e.g.NRV200) – 9 Litres Capacity
  • 370 / 380 (e.g. PSP370) – 15 Litres Capacity

That's it!

All you then need to do is decide what number of your chosen dry vacuum cleaner you want and then go to the checkout! If you do have any questions or can't find the vacuum cleaner you need, then please contact our sales team on 0800 9788 499.

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