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Henry Vacuum Cleaners Explained

As you are most likely aware there is a very wide variety of Henry Hoover Vacuum cleaners, each one is slightly different to the next and designed to take on a different task.

In this short summary we will set out what the differences are between the different members of the Henry family.

Henry & Hetty

Henry and Hetty are the “standard” vacuum from the Henry range, they offer great performance, and a wide selection of tools and accessories allowing you to clean floors, skirting and much more with ease. Just in case you were wondering there is no difference between Henry and Hetty other than the colour and the name, they are otherwise identical.

Henry Micro Allergy Vacuum

The Henry Micro is a specialised Henry for those with allergies; he is the same as a normal Henry but fitted with a specialist Microtex filter that captures fine dust fibres. He is also approved by the British Allergy Foundation.  So if you are an allergen sufferer the Henry Micro may be the vacuum for you.

Harry the Pet Hoover

Harry is a fantastic vacuum for those that have pets; he again comes with all the standard features of a normal Henry but also incorporates a few additions that make him perfect for the pet owner, especially those with fur. The key differences between Harry and Henry are;

  • Additional “Hairo” floor tool – for collecting pet hairs from carpets and furniture
  • MicroFresh Filter – This filter contains activated carbon to help neutralise any pet odours that may try to escape the vacuum cleaner.

Henry Xtra Air Turbo Vacuum

The Henry Xtra is the vacuum for those that want a Henry, but want him to perform just a bit better on carpets and hard floors. The Xtra model comes complete with two additional floor tools, the main one being the Airo brush; this is excellent for collecting dust and hair from carpeted areas as it beats the carpet. The other additional floor tool is the ProFlo dry floor tool for improved carpet cleaning performance. The Xtra otherwise comes with all the same features and equipment as the standard Henry.

George The Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo Vacuum.

George is set up to take on pretty much anything the average household can throw at him, he is a little bit bigger than a standard Henry, but his main feature is his ability to shampoo carpet and upholstery. George comes supplied with all the normal Henry equipment for “normal” vacuum duties, this kit is boosted by the addition of floor and upholstery cleaning nozzles and hard floor shampooing tools. To find out more about all the amazing stuff George can do (including unblocking sinks).

Charles – The Wet And Dry Vacuum

If you want a normal vacuum that can also collect water when something springs a leak, or when you want to dry the floor after mopping then Charles is the vacuum for the job. Charles comes with a standard combination floor tool just like Henry, but also has a wet floor tool and filter set that allows him to tackle spillages and wet floors with ease. Charles also has a slightly large capacity internally for storing waste.

James The Compact Vacuum

If you are looking for something as small as possible then James is the little compact vacuum cleaner for you, he comes with a comprehensive kit and is very compact in size making him very easy to store away even in a small cupboard.

The "Commercial Henry" Vacuum Cleaner

You may have seen mention on our website of a "commercial Henry", he is the commercial cousin of the standard Henry mentioned above. You can find out what all the differences are on this page.

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