Domestic Vacuum Cleaners

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Introduction to Domestic Vacuum Cleaners:

Keeping your home clean and tidy is essential for a healthy living environment. With a wide range of vacuum cleaners available, choosing the right one for your domestic cleaning needs can be overwhelming. At Avern Cleaning Supplies, we offer a variety of domestic vacuum cleaners, including the renowned Henry range from Numatic and other trusted brands like Sebo. Our collection provides superior performance, versatility, and convenience to ensure efficient cleaning throughout your home.

Henry & Hetty:

Henry and Hetty are the iconic and versatile vacuum cleaners from the Henry range. With excellent performance and a wide selection of tools and accessories, they make cleaning floors, skirting boards, and more a breeze. The only difference between Henry and Hetty is their colour and name, as they are otherwise identical in functionality. Shop Henry & Hetty Vacuum Cleaners.

Henry Micro Allergy Vacuum:

For those with allergies, the Henry Micro is a specialized vacuum cleaner that captures fine dust fibres. It is equipped with a Microtex filter and holds approval from the British Allergy Foundation, providing relief for allergen sufferers.

Harry the Pet Hoover:

Pet owners will love Harry, the perfect vacuum cleaner for tackling pet hair and odours. In addition to the standard features of a Henry vacuum, Harry includes a specialized "Hairo" floor tool for effective pet hair removal from carpets and furniture. The MicroFresh Filter with activated carbon helps neutralize pet odours, ensuring a fresh and clean environment. Shop Henry Hoover for Pets.

Henry Xtra Air Turbo Vacuum:

The Henry Xtra is the go-to vacuum cleaner for enhanced carpet and hard floor performance. It comes with two additional floor tools, including the Airo brush, which effectively collects dust and hair from carpets. The ProFlo dry floor tool further improves carpet cleaning performance. Apart from these additions, the Xtra model shares the same features and equipment as the standard Henry. Shop Henry Xtra Vacuum Cleaner.

George The Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo Vacuum:

George is a versatile vacuum cleaner that goes beyond normal vacuum duties. George offers floor and upholstery cleaning nozzles and hard floor shampooing tools alongside the standard Henry equipment. Its unique capability to shampoo carpets and upholstery sets it apart, making it a comprehensive cleaning solution for your home. Shop George Vacuum Cleaner.

Charles – The Wet And Dry Vacuum:

Charles is the perfect choice for a vacuum cleaner that can handle dry and wet cleaning tasks. With a standard combination floor tool like Henry, Charles also features a wet floor tool and filter set for effectively tackling spills and wet floors. Its larger internal capacity allows for efficient waste collection. Shop Charles Vacuum Cleaner.

James The Compact Vacuum:

If you prefer a compact and space-saving vacuum cleaner, James is the ideal solution. Despite its small size, James has a comprehensive kit and provides powerful cleaning performance. You can easily store it even in a small cupboard, making it a convenient choice for smaller spaces. Shop James Vacuum Cleaner.

The "Commercial Henry" Vacuum Cleaner:

Besides the standard Henry vacuum, we also offer a "commercial Henry" designed specifically for commercial environments. For detailed information on the differences and features of the commercial Henry, please refer to the dedicated page on our website. Shop Commercial Henry Vacuum Cleaner.

Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner for Your Domestic Cleaning Needs:

With our wide selection of domestic vacuum cleaners, you can find the perfect cleaning companion for your home. Whether you need a reliable all-rounder like Henry or a specialized vacuum for specific tasks, Avern Cleaning Supplies has you covered. Browse our collection and experience superior cleaning performance for a spotless and fresh living space.

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