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Harry Vacuum Cleaner For Pets - HHR200 - PET200

The Harry Pet Hoover (HHR200)  / Henry Pet Hoover (PET200) Is Numatic's best vacuum cleaner with furry companions if you have a dog or cat you will find this vacuum hard to beat in the market. The harry was introduced by Numatic in 2010 and till this day is the firm favourite within the Henry Numatic range.

The HHR200 & PET200 are the same machines just with a different name! 

What makes Harry a good vacuum for pet owners?

The Harry Pet Hoover has been specially tailored for those that own pets, this has been done by adding the ‘Hairo’ brush and an activated carbon filter, both of which are not seen as standard on any other vacuum in the Numatic range.

The Hairo brush operates in a similar fashion to the Airo brush, by using airflow provided by the suction of the vacuum a rotary brush is powered that pulls any pet hair from your carpet, sofa, and any other object you want to vacuum. This is great for pet owners, especially those with long-haired pets that tend to moult their coats.

The activated carbon ‘MicroFresh’ filter is the second specialist modification. The Activated carbon element in this basket filter removes any odours that may be released by collected pet hairs within the vacuum.  This is again good for pet owners as a pongy vacuum cleaner is one of the worst side effects often associated with having a pet.

What is different between a Henry Hoover and a Harry Hoover?

Harry is built to the same excellent standards as any other Numatic product, in fact, he features a lot in common in his design to his brother. This means you can expect the same reliability and performance that you would expect from any other Numatic product.

They share the following in common;

  • Same Motor,
  • Same proven cable rewind system,
  • Same compact drum,
  • Same quality accessories,

How easy is He to use?

He is exceptionally easy to use, the accessories are easy to slot together and can be tweaked to suit whatever application you are about to tackle. The design is such that you do not need to move the whole vacuum around whilst you hoover, you only move the floor tool around whilst Harry sits still. Once you are ready to clean a new area you can simply drag him onto the next area by his nose.

The cable rewind feature allows you to wind the power cable back into the head of the vacuum, ensuring when he is not in use there are no trip risks or messy piles of cable to deal with. If you are unsure of how he performs you can see below where many other users review Harry and provide their feedback on his exceptional performance.

 "Harry is a life saver he picks up all the dog hairs"

Full HS1 kit Supplies With Machine


What accessories does he come with?

A comprehensive kit that allows the user to tackle all sorts of tasks found around the house and not just those associated with collecting pet hair.

As well as the Hairo Brush, he features a soft dusting brush for dusting off ledges, skirting, shelves, computer keyboards and even the air vents of a car. An upholstery brush is great for cleaning sofas and tighter areas that the Hairo brush may not be suited to. A crevice tool allows the cleaning of corners and crevices with ease, and a standard floor wants facilitates the cleaning of carpets and hard floors.

Are there any other accessories I can buy to upgrade him?

Harry does come with pretty much everything you could need, the only item we generally suggest that customers look to purchase with their machine is a spare pack of bags. Harry does come with a bag in the box, however, it is always handy to have a pack spare. If you buy them with the machine (check the tick box above) you get them at a discounted rate too, with free delivery. All the bags we supply to use with Harry are genuine too, ensuring the bags will not split or burst like copy paper bags.

Do I need to use a bag?

Yes, we would always recommend you use a bag with any vacuum, you certainly can use him without but it is often counterproductive.

By using a bag you are ensuring that anything collected is contained within a neat little package that is easy to throw away. It also stops the debris collected from coming into contact with the secondary filter, which is more costly to replace than bags if it becomes blocked. Bags are cheap for this machine at only 78p each (at the time of writing this article) and will last for nearly a month per bag in the average house.

Is this the latest version?

We turn over our stock on a weekly basis, so you can be sure you are getting the very latest stock from Numatic. This means you are getting the latest version of the machine and are not getting something that has been in storage for two years and is already out of date.

How does the wand docking work?

The docking wand allows Harry to be stored easier than ever before,  this is compatible with the included combination floor tool (601139 / 601529) only. Storing the wand used to be a drawback with all Numatic machines as there was nowhere to store the wand when not in use, the ability to dock the wand on the machine makes storage far easier and neater.

Hairo Brush Floor Tool

How does the removable face work?

We don’t all like having our vacuum watch us work, so Numatic has developed a clip on the face to allow Harry to be dehumanised. This can be handy if you want to use the vacuum cleaner commercially and want a more professional appearance to the machine.

Still, got questions regarding the rest of the Henry Vacuum Cleaner Range & Prices?

Give us a call we are happy to talk on the phone and give assistance and guidance where required. We are confident that we are able to find a Henry cleaner for your home hoovering and vacuuming needs, we have machines to suit all budgets and price ranges.

Motor Power 620W
Weight 8.1Kg
Power Source 230V AC 50/60Hz
Cable Length 10m
Performance Ratings
Energy Rating (A-G) A
Carpet Cleaning (A-G) D
Hard Floor Cleaning (A-G) C
Dust Re-Emmissions (A-G) C
Annual Energy Consumption (kWh) 25.8 kWh
Sound Power db(A) 72
Dry 9L
Height 370mm
Width 360mm
Depth 340mm

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