M Class Vacuum Cleaners

M-Class vacuums, also known as M-Class dust extractors, are a specific type of industrial vacuum cleaner designed to meet stringent safety standards for dust and particle extraction. The "M" stands for "Medium," referring to the level of filtration and containment capability provided by these vacuums. These vacuums are essential for environments where dust and hazardous particles are prevalent, such as construction sites, woodworking shops, and industrial facilities.

M-Class vacuums are engineered to capture and contain harmful particles, including silica dust, asbestos, and other fine particulate matter. This is crucial because these particles, if inhaled, can pose significant health risks to workers, including respiratory diseases and other long-term health issues. The advanced filtration systems in M-Class vacuums ensure that even the finest dust particles are trapped, preventing them from being released back into the air and contaminating the workspace.

Key features of M-Class dust extractors include high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, robust construction, and compliance with international safety standards. These vacuums are designed to maintain a clean and safe working environment, reducing the risk of airborne contaminants and improving overall air quality. Their powerful suction capabilities and durable build make them suitable for heavy-duty use in demanding industrial settings.

When selecting an M-Class vacuum, it's important to consider factors such as filter efficiency, airflow rate, and the capacity of the dust containment system. Proper maintenance and regular filter replacement are also crucial to ensure optimal performance and safety. Investing in a high-quality M-Class vacuum can significantly enhance workplace safety, protect workers' health, and ensure compliance with occupational safety regulations.

M Class Medium Hazard Vacuum Cleaners

If you work with M-Class hazardous dust (often found on construction sites and in workshops) then you cannot do much better than one of the Class-M vacuum cleaners from Nilfisk Alto. These machines are packed with great features that make them easy to use, such as;

  • Automatic Stop-Start Power take off
  • Push button filter cleaner
  • Washable PET fleece filters

The Class-M range of vacuum cleaners is also suitable for wet use with the addition of the correct accessories (phone for details). The M Class range of vacuum cleaners come in three sizes with voltage options to ensure every application is catered for.

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