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Whether you're looking for a Rotary Floor Cleaning Machine, Scrubber Drier or Floor Sweepers, you're sure to find a machine from Avern Cleaning Supplies that suits your needs. There are several types of floor cleaning machines on the market for cleaning floors; knowing which one to choose will be the difference between taking minutes and hours to clean an area. Not sure which one of our Floorcare Machines is best for you? Call a member of our team today on 0800 9788 499; we'll be happy to talk you through some options and arrange a free, no-obligation demo.

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Floor cleaning machine types

There are several types of floor cleaning machines out there on the market for cleaning floors, knowing which one to choose will be the difference between taking minutes and hours to clean an area.

The type of floor cleaning machines that you need will ultimately depend on what type of flooring you have and what results in you would like to achieve.

Rotary floor cleaning machines

If you are looking to scrub a smaller area of flooring, or achieve a high shine on a lobby floor then a rotary type floor cleaner is very likely to be what you require. These floor cleaning machines clean by using a rotary brush or pad to scrub or polish the surface of the floor.

These Floor Cleaning Machines are available in four main speed groups,

  • Slow - 150rpm - This is ideal for scrubbing floors, the slower speed coupled with a scrubbing brush or dark pad will make light work of dirty floors.
  • Medium Speed - 250rpm - This speed is ideal for those users who need to scrub floors, and polish some areas.
  • High Speed - 300rpm - Higher speed machines when used with a polishing brush or light coloured pad and appropriate chemical area great for getting a high shine on floors.
  • Ultra High Speed - 450rpm - 1500rpm - These ultra high-speed machines are ideal for burnishing and achieving a floor so shiny it looks wet.

Rotary floorcare machines are excellent at scrubbing and polishing, but they do not collect any wastewater after cleaning, so this will need to be done with either a mop or a wet pickup.

Scrubber Dryers

These scrubber dryer machines are available in a range of sizes from compact to ride on. They operate on a similar principal to rotary floor cleaners, but also dose and recover water using onboard tanks, this makes them ideal for cleaning larger areas of flooring quickly.

Key options available when choosing a scrubber dryer machine include, size, power source and if you need a walk behind or ride on the variant. Each type has its own pros and cons which are covered in the scrubber driers area.

Floor Sweepers

If you have larger debris on a floor surface that is not “ground in” such as gravel, grit, litter and sawdust then a floor sweeper machine may be suited to your needs.

These are either used on their own or as a pre-clean before a scrubber drier follows through.

These floor sweeper machines are either battery, petrol or push powered and come in a wide range of sizes. They are frequently used in petrol stations and builders merchants, as they can clean outdoor areas as well as inside. They use large brushes to flick any waste up and into an onboard waste container.

Steam cleaners

Our range of steam cleaners for flooring is ideal for those who need to sanitise a floor, or cannot use chemicals. The heat and steam help lift dirt from a floor's surface whilst killing any bacteria.

Escalator cleaners

Although an escalator or travelator is not what you conventionally think of as flooring, you still walk on it, and it still gets dirty. These machines are a great way to keep your escalator in clean and good order.

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