Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Dry Vacuum Cleaners, Small, Large domestic or industrial. From Backpack Vacuums , Asbestos H Class Vacuums , Cleanroom Vacuums .We have them all Numatic, Nilfisk, Makita & Sebo Available Buy it from Avern Industrial Cleaning Supplies.

Which Vacuum Cleaner Should I Choose?

When picking a dry vacuum cleaner there are a few simple factors to keep in mind, these are as follows;

  • Machine Capacity
  • Machine Suction Power
  • Specialist Requirements

By considering the points above you will be sure to get a machine that really suits your requirements.

Vacuum Cleaner Capacity in Detail;

When thinking about how big you want your vacuum cleaner to buy it is important to remember that the overall size of the machine is directly related to the capacity, e.g. The bigger the capacity, the bigger the machine.

So if you are looking to clean homes or offices you certainly do not want the biggest machine you can find as it will be hard to manoeuvre around furniture and will be impossible to store.

Another common mistake to be aware of is that heavy-duty jobs do not always require a bigger machine. If you are collecting stone chippings for example you may think that you would wand the biggest most industrial machine going, however, if you consider that the largest machines will hold 80 litres of dry waste, that is going to equate to nearly 216 Kg of weight making it impossible to empty once full.

Generally, the following rules should be followed,

  • Home and commercial use – Machines from a 6 litres to 15 litres capacity should be used.
  • Building site and Industrial Use - Machines with capacities of 15 litres and above should be used.

Should I go for a single, twin or triple motor!?

The power of the vacuum is an important factor, it not only affects the performance of the machine but also the weight (twice the motors = twice the weight).

For commercial and domestic use we generally recommend single motor machines,

For industrial applications, you need to consider the type of waste you will be collecting with the vacuum cleaner. For many tasks a single motor machine will be sufficient, a twin or triple motor machine becomes necessary when you are collecting clumps of material or material that is particularly heavy.

How do I tell if a machine is single or twin motor?

If it is a Numatic machine it is very simple to check if a machine is single or twin motor, every machine has a part code similar to the following “NVQ570” or “NVDQ570” the “D” in the latter part code means that this machine has twin motors. If there is no “D” in the part code it is a single motor, if there is a “T” then it is a triple motor machine. If you are unsure, just give us a call and we will be happy to assist.

Specialist Requirements

Not every task is the same and some jobs require machines with specialist filtration to allow them to deal with high volumes of dust or to ensure that nothing escapes the machine for health and safety reasons. Other machines are unique in their design to improve their mobility such as the backpack vacuum cleaners.

If you are collecting any of the following you should consider whether or not you need a specialist filtration machine;

  • Sand,
  • Fine dust,
  • Organic powders,
  • MDF dust,
  • Hardwood dust,
  • Asbestos.

Still not sure which type of dry vacuum cleaner you need?

If you are unsure on any of the above please do not hesitate to get in touch and seek assistance from our sales team. 

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