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When buying a scrubber dryers from Avern, you will receive Free Advice and Guidance, Free Delivery, and a Free Demonstration. We are one of the only retailers in the country to offer this, so if you are looking for a scrubber dryer, please pick up the phone and give us a call, we will be happy to help you make a well-informed decision.

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Choosing the right scrubber dryer

We stock Numatics full range of Scrubber Dryer machines. The Numatic range of scrubber dryers caters for all sizes of site, from Airports and train stations to shops and hospital corridors there is a floor scrubbing machine for every need.

There are four main factors to consider when choosing a scrubber dryer machine, these are outlined below;

What size of the machine

When it comes to size there are three main categories of scrubber dryer machine, Small, Medium and Large.

  • Small - Within the smaller Range of machines there is the TT1840G, and TT4045G. These compact machines tend to be suitable for small to medium areas of flooring, especially those where access is fairly tight.
  • Medium- Medium scrubber dryer machines such as the TT4550S, TT6650S, TTB3450CRS and TTB45525S  all are suitable for medium to large areas of flooring. These all feature an increase in fluid capacity and a generally larger brush width increasing the cleaning area of the scrubber dryer with each pass.
  • Large - Larger scrubber dryers such as the  TT6650S, TTB6652S, TTB4552S, TTB6652T, TTB3450C and TTV-678/300T all suitable for larger areas of flooring where a larger scrubber width and capacity is required.

Machine Coverage Comparison

See how much area these machines cover when compared against other machines in the range;

 = Cable Powered
 = Battery Powered


  TT1840 |  TTB1840

1090M2/hr (11,733 sqft/hr)

 TT4045 |  TTB4045

1227M2/hr (13,207 sqft/hr)

 TT4055 |  TTB4055   TTB4552 |  TTB6055

1500M2/hr (16,146 sqft/hr)


1773M2/hr (19,084 sqft/hr)

  TGB4055T |  TTV4555

2000M2/hr (21,528 sqft/hr)


2310M2/hr (24,865 sqft/hr)


2363M2/hr (25,435 sqft/hr)


2730M2/hr (29,385 sqft/hr)

Real world size references

Badminton Court

81M2 (871ft2)

Doubles Tennis Court

260M2 (2798ft2)

Wembley Football Pitch

7245M2 (77984ft2)

Cable or battery

Numatic provides scrubber dryers in either cable powered or battery powered formats. With a battery powered machine you gain the flexibility of being able to take the machine wherever it is needed without the limitation of a cable. One thing to consider is that the machine will need charging, battery lifetimes for battery powered scrubber dryers can be found on the product pages. The machine model numbers denote whether the machine is Cable or Battery powered. Look for TTB or TTV for a battery powered scrubber dryer, and TT for cable machines.

Ride on?

The ultimate scrubber dryer for the very largest of areas is the TTV-678, featuring a user-friendly ride-on design. This machine is top of the line with the very latest technology. There is also the all-new CRO8055 offering cost-effective ride on cleaning at a very competitive price point.

As recommended by the professionals

We work closely with many companies around the country that install flooring and restore flooring, once the work is completed then a suitable machine is needed to maintain the finish.

Nigel Frost at The Floor Restoration Company has been using Numatic machines purchased from ourselves for several years now and swears by their performance and build quality.

Floor Restoration Experts

“Avern have been supplying us with our industrial cleaning machines for many years; always good to deal with a supplier that has knowledge and provides good customer service. We need reliable machines for our floor restoration business and the Numatic machines supplied by Avern Supplies really fit the bill; Andy at Avern knows these machines inside and out and is always on hand to advise” - Nigel Frost

How we calculate coverage per hour

Theoretical calculations made using the following formula: Area = cleaning width x cleaning speed. Cleaning speed defined by the American Association of Cleaning Equipment Manufacturers guidelines, Non drove cleaning speed 150ft/min (2.73kph). Traction has driven cleaning speed 200ft/min (3.64kph) Ride-on machines calculated using Numatic set cleaning speed for each machine.

Why buy a scrubber dryer from Avern?

When buying a scrubber dryer from Avern you will receive, Free Advice and Guidance, Free Delivery, and a Free Demonstration. We are one of the only retailers in the country to offer this, so if you are looking for a scrubber dryer please pick up the phone and give us a call, we will be only too happy to help you make a well-informed decision.

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