About Us

Avern Industrial Cleaning Supplies started out as a small company supplying cleaning products to pubs and clubs in the early ’70s within the Worcester area. It did not take long before the company was supplying cleaning solutions to various outlets such as schools, nursing homes, and factories.

Before long relationships were built with various manufacturers vastly increasing the product range available to our customers.  From starting out only offering cleaning chemicals and a basic range of janitorial products to being able to supply Cleaning machines, vast amounts of papers, and even more comprehensive chemical variety.

This meant that we could serve an even larger variety of customers, e.g. Colleges, shopping Centres, and private schools were all being supplied by Avern.

Our success throughout the years has been very much down to our friendly service, good quality products and fair pricing. We always aim to give consistency and variety for the best price we can.

We make sure that all of our products are of a high standard, which is why we buy all our disposable paper products from a CHSA approved supplier, manufactured in the midlands.

It’s for this very reason that our customers come back time and time again, with some of our customers have used us for nearly 40 years!

With a catalogue of over 3000 products we are launching our new website, so we can offer a service that we are very proud of to customers further afield.