Mop Heads Replacements (10 pack)Large Big White 120g Socket Screw

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Exel Big White Socket Screw Mop Heads 120g (10 Pack) Various Colours

Big white mop heads typically refer to large-sized mop heads that are predominantly white in color. These mop heads are commonly used in commercial or industrial settings where larger areas need to be cleaned efficiently.

These Big White Mops can Fit Socket & Screw Mops !

These big white mop heads are commonly used in commercial cleaning, janitorial services, industrial facilities, schools, hospitals, and other large-scale cleaning applications. They provide a reliable and efficient solution for maintaining cleanliness in sizable areas.

  1. Size: Big white mop heads are larger in size compared to standard mop heads. They typically have a larger surface area, allowing for more efficient cleaning and faster coverage of larger spaces.

  2. Material: The mop heads are usually made from a combination of materials, including cotton, polyester, or a blend of different fibers. These materials offer a balance between absorbency and durability.

  3. Color: The mop heads are predominantly white in color. The white color helps to detect dirt, stains, or discoloration on the mop head, indicating when it needs cleaning or replacement.

  4. Absorbency: Big white mop heads are designed to have high absorbency, enabling them to soak up a significant amount of liquid. This makes them suitable for cleaning spills and heavily soiled areas.

  5. Cleaning Performance: The large size and absorbency of these mop heads allow for effective cleaning of wide areas, such as hallways, large rooms, or commercial spaces. They can be used on various floor types, including tile, concrete, or hardwood.

  6. Maintenance: Proper maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity and cleanliness of big white mop heads. After each use, they should be thoroughly rinsed, wrung out to remove excess moisture, and hung to dry in a well-ventilated area. Regular washing and sanitizing are also recommended to maintain hygiene and prevent bacterial growth.

  7. Compatibility: Big white mop heads are typically designed to fit specific mop handles or frames. It's important to check the compatibility of the mop head with the mop handle or frame to ensure a secure and efficient cleaning experience.

This 120g push fit mop head is our entry level mop head, it is suitable for use in schools, offices and factories. The mop heads are supplied with colour coded cuffs allowing you to choose the appropriate colour for your onsite colour coded cleaning requirements.

Key Features

  • Big White highly absorbent mop heads
  • More absorbent than pure yarn & cotton mops
  • Can absorb 3 times it's own weight
  • Lightweight ad washable
  • Colour Coded 

Compatible Handle : Exel Red Mop Handle Push Fit

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