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If you're looking for a Numatic carpet cleaner that is high quality and guaranteed to give you results, why not check out our Numatic range? Whether you've got a carpet at home that's no longer looking its best or working in an industrial environment, we're sure to have a suitable machine for you. We have a friendly customer service team on hand to answer any questions you may have. Why not look at some of the carpet cleaners we have in stock?

What is a "4 in 1" extraction machine?

These machines are labelled ‘4 in 1' due to their ability to complete four separate tasks.

  • Dry Use - use the vacuum dry to suck up dust, dirt etc.
  • Wet use - use the vacuum wet to suck up water from leaks, wet floors etc.
  • Injection - use the machine to inject cleaning solution into fabrics and upholstery.
  • Extraction - use the machine to extract cleaning solution from fabrics and carpets.

What makes these machines industrial grade?

Numatic's large range of industrial specification carpet and upholstery cleaning machines are all built to withstand everyday use in an industrial environment. This includes the frequent knocks and bumps that occur when being moved from site to site.

They are ideal for a multitude of applications, from commercial carpet cleaning and floor care to professional car valeting services, and these machines are excellent at what they do.

How can I be sure I am getting the right carpet cleaner?

Picking the right machine can be made a lot simpler by understanding the model numbering system.


The capacity of the machine is denoted by the numbers in the model number. Larger machines are better suited to large areas of carpet as they have a large capacity meaning you need to stop less frequently to refill or empty the machine.

Smaller capacity machines are ideal for car valeting services where the machine needs to be highly portable and lightweight to ease access around the car interior. Car interiors also tend to have less carpet, so capacity is not much of an issue.

  • 570(e.g. CT570-2) - Clean solution Capacity 10L / Dirty capacity 15L / Capacity Dry 23L
  • 900 (e.g. CTD900-2) - Clean solution Capacity 17L / Dirty capacity 40L / Capacity Dry 40:


The power of these industrial carpet cleaners is denoted in the model number by the presence of a ‘D‘ e.g. CTD570-2. Machines that have this ‘ D' present have double the power because they have a second motor. The second motor can be switched off independently from the main one allowing the operator to choose the level of suction on a job by job basis. Models without a D only have a single motor and therefore less suction.

Speciality Industrial Carpet Cleaners

The SCT machine is a specialist machine designed for Pre-spot cleaning, it features a stainless steel drum giving a professional appearance.

If you need any assistance in buying your Industrial carpet cleaning machine please feel free to contact us on 0800 9788 499.

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