Makita VC1310L/2 L Class Dust Extractor 13L - 240v

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Makita VC1310L/2 L Class Dust Extractor 13L -240v

The Makita VC1310L/2 240v is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner that is part of Makita's lineup of power tools and equipment. It is designed to provide powerful and efficient cleaning performance in both industrial and commercial settings.

This Makita VC1310L/2 240V comes with power take of 2400w.

L class dust extractors, also known as low class dust extractors, are used to remove non-hazardous dust and particles, frequently in a workshop setting. They are suited for dust that comes from, among other things, gypsum (the primary component of plaster), soft wood (pine, spruce, etc.), plasterboard, corian, and particles with maximum permissible concentrations (MAC) > 1 mg/m3.

Key Features ;

  1. Powerful Motor: The VC1310L/2 240v  is equipped with a robust 1050-watt motor that delivers strong suction power for effective cleaning. The motor ensures efficient debris removal, whether it's dry dust and dirt or wet spills and liquids.

  2. Wet and Dry Cleaning Capability: This vacuum cleaner is designed to handle both wet and dry cleaning tasks. It can efficiently vacuum up liquids, such as water or other spills, as well as dry debris like dust, dirt, and small particles.

  3. Large Dust Collection Capacity: The VC1310L/2 240v features a generous dust collection capacity of 13 liters, allowing for extended cleaning without frequent emptying. This is particularly beneficial in situations where continuous cleaning is required, as it minimizes interruptions for emptying the container.

  4. Durable Construction: Makita is known for producing durable and reliable tools, and the VC1310L/2 240v  is no exception. It is constructed with high-quality materials to withstand the demands of industrial environments, ensuring long-lasting performance.

  5. Efficient Filtration System: The vacuum cleaner incorporates an effective filtration system to capture fine dust and particles. The specific details of the filtration system may vary, but Makita typically includes a combination of filters, such as a main filter and a dust bag, to maintain optimal cleaning performance and minimize dust emissions.

  6. Portable and Easy to Maneuver: The VC1310L/2 is designed with portability and convenience in mind. It features a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to transport between different areas or job sites. The vacuum is also equipped with sturdy casters for smooth mobility, allowing you to move it effortlessly as you clean.

  7. Additional Features: The VC1310L/2 may come with additional features to enhance usability. These can include an automatic on/off function, which activates the vacuum when connected power tools are operated, and a built-in power outlet that allows for simultaneous use of power tools and vacuuming.

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Motor Power 1050w
Weight 9.6kg
Suction 22.0kPa
Power Source 240v
Power Take Off 2400w
Kit Included 3.5m Hose , Wet Filter , Dry Filter, Bags
Dry 13L
Wet 7L
Height 420mm
Width 334mm
Depth 366mm

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