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Professional Escalator & Travelator Cleaner 550 Duplex               

The pro 550 escalator cleaner from Duplex is the larger of the two escalator and travelator cleaning machines available from Duplex Cleaning Machines UK.

It is ideal for use in shopping centres, airports and any other type of public building that has many escalators to clean.

How does the pro-550 clean escalators?

The 550 cleans escalators with contra-rotating brushes that clean deeply into grooves in the treads of the walkway. Water and cleaning solution is dispensed in front of the brushes, the brushes then scrub the treads and lift the solution and any dirt it contains into a central holding tank on the machine, this waste fluid is then collected back into the vacuum recovery tank on the main body of the machine. This is all carried out whilst the escalator is rotating, meaning the dirty treads come to the machine and are repeatedly cleaned until a satisfactory finish is achieved.

Can this machine clean right into the edges?

Yes - The brushes in the pro 550 are offset so that the machine can be placed up against one side of the escalator cleaning right into the edges, once that side of the walkway is complete the brush module can be rotated allowing the other side of the treads to be cleaned.

Is this machine compatible with my escalator?

Almost certainly, even if the manufacturer advises against wet cleaning, the small amount of cleaning solution used by the pro-550 is almost all collected back into the machine straight away before it has chance to get anywhere it should not.

Duplex has worked closely with European travelator and escalator manufacturers to ensure that their guide wheels are compatible with the tread profile on most European machines. If you want to double check we can bring a machine out to you to demonstrate the compatibility before you even buy it.

How easy is the Pro 550 to operate?

The 550 is very easy to operate and includes a few features that make it a pleasure to work with, these include “transport wheels” that make it very easy to take from one escalator to another. The brush unit is also equipped with guide wheels that drop into the rails of tread plates, ensuring that the machine stays straight when in operation, making sure that the edges are cleaned and that no areas are missed.

How does this machine differ from Base 350?

There are three main factors that separate the abilities of the base 350 from the 550 Pro, these are as follows;

  • Ability to operate “hands free” – The “twin module” design of the pro machine means that the larger solution and recovery unit can be parked at the base of an escalator and the machine can be left operating until that side of the escalator is clean, this leaves time for the operator to detail clean the lower area of the escalator, including hand rails and surrounding glass.
  • Vacuum waste collection – The 550 is equipped with a vacuum to collect waste fluid from the brush unit, this makes cleaning much easier as you do not need to check the fill level of the recovery tank as often as on the smaller variant.
  • Larger brush width – Allowing more area to be covered in each pass, this will mean the centre of treads will see some overlap which suits the higher foot fall that the centre of treads often receives.

Can I have a demo of the machine before I buy?

Of Course! -  We recommend having a demo before buying, this way you can check the machine out with no obligation to buy and make sure it is the right piece of equipment for your requirements. We are able to offer demos at almost all mainland UK locations,

Can I have training on the Pro 550 escalator cleaner?

Certainly, this is often carried out as part of the delivery of the machine and is an ideal way to learn how best to use the machine, ensuring you get the best performance out of your investment.

If you do have any questions about the escalator pro 550 machine please contact our sales team who will be more than happy to assist you with any questions.


Weight 65 Kg
Power Source 230V AC 50/60Hz
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Solution Tank 12 Litre
Recovery Tank 5.5 Litre
Height 1200mm
Width 550mm
Length 1200mm

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