Steamtech 12000 3 Phase Industrial Dry Steam Cleaner

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Industrial 3 Phase Steam Cleaner Steamtech 12000

The Steamtech 12000 is designed for heavy duty applications where a 3 phase 415V supply is present and there is no 240V supply, it is especially suited to applications where a regular steam cleaner would not provide the pressure or volumes of steam needed.

A 10.8Kw boiler within the machine provides steam at a temperature of 180C at 260 gallons per minute. To power, this heavy duty boiler a 16 amp three phase power supply is required.

The Steamtech 12000 industrial dry steam cleaner comes fitted with an onboard vacuum to recover waste fluids, and also has a detergent injection system.

The machine is built from a highly durable rotationally moulded body with stainless steel internal housing. Large wheels and rugged chassis ensure that the machine will stand up to “real world” use.

What industries are the Steamtech 12000 suitable for?

The Steamtech 12000 is ideal for applications where a large quantity of high-temperature dry steam is required.  We have found this machine to be very popular with engineering works, food production plants, and even with garages specialising in servicing of commercial vehicles.

What are the benefits of steam cleaning?

Steam cleaning machines are very environmentally friendly as they use very little water when compared to conventional cleaning methods like mopping or pressure washing.

The steam produced by the Steamtech 12000 is also at a temperature of 180ºC hot enough that it sanitises as it removes dirt, this means if you are cleaning in a food production area there is no need for chemicals to be used. We have found this to be an especially important factor for plants that specialise in the production of Halal food products as a lot of cleaning chemicals usually have some alcohol content that is banned for use in these areas.

In an industrial or manufacturing setting, steam cleaning offers a way of shifting grease and grime without having excessive quantities of detergent and water present.  Steam can be an effective method of removing a build-up of release agent from a machine or just cleaning down the floor and surrounding equipment after production has finished.

What accessories does the Steamtech 12000 come with?

The machine comes supplied with a comprehensive 10 Bar wand and floor toolset as well as a hand tool set. The standard machine comes with a 3-metre hose, and a 12 Metre hose set is available should it be required.

At this point, we would once again recommend having a demonstration to ensure you are looking at the correct accessories to get the best from your machine.

What is Dry Steam?

The Steamtech 12000 produces steam that has very low water content; this can be as low as 5% volume meaning you use very little water during cleaning. Many normal cleaning methods involve a process where dirt and grime are washed off and simply moved from where it was to a pool on the floor or in a recess, this pool is then collected by mop, vacuum, or cloth. With the small amount of water within the steam from the Steamtech 12000, there is a very little solution to collect; in fact, most of the dirty solution is collected near instantly at the source by the onboard vacuum leaving very little if any residue to collect afterwards.

In industries such as food production, it is not practical to have vast pools of water forming anywhere especially if it could run off or into machines causing contamination.

How does Chemical Injection work?

The Steamtech 12000 is fitted with an onboard chemical injection system, this allows for specialist chemicals to be injected into the steam. These are generally not required for most applications but some tasks such as chewing gum removal can benefit from them. If you are unsure if you need any chemicals with your machine having a free demo will almost certainly help you decide if you need chemicals and if so which ones.

Can I have a demo?

As mentioned above we highly recommend having a free demonstration of the machine before purchasing as it will ensure you are not buying a machine that is “too much” or “too little” for your needs. It is a great way to see the machine in action at your place of work so you know for certain it will do the job you need it to do when you get your very own.

Can I have training?

Of course! Training is free of charge and will ensure you get the very best performance from your new investment. We have found training to be a great way to improve the lifespan of the machine as well as it covers basic maintenance such as how to clean the machine and empty it correctly.

Pressure 10 bar
Weight 74 Kg
Temperature (Water/Steam) 180 °C
Water Tank Capacity 20 Litre
Power Source 380/415v; 50/60 Hz
Cable Length 8 Metre
Vacuum Motor Power 1200W
Steam Volume 260 g/min
Boiler Power 10800W
Detergent Tank 15 Litre

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