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Duplex Cylindrical Brush Cleaners

Contra-rotating brushes fitted to this range of machines provide cleaning performance on almost any type of flooring surface. They are a great way to clean in almost any working or domestic environment.

How do Contra-Rotating Brush Floor Cleaners work?

The machine is fitted with two brushes that rotate at 800rpm with thousands of tiny bristles each one strategically placed to not only scrub and polish but lift water and other debris away from the floor and into the waste tank on the machine.

The great thing about these machines is that they can be used on almost any type of flooring, and the cylindrical brushes can get into crevices with ease making cleaning things like entrance matting easy and effective.

Some examples of flooring that can be cleaned with these machines are as follows;

  • Rubber,
  • Timber,
  • Concrete,
  • Marble,
  • Carpet,
  • Matting,
  • Non-Slip, (brilliantly effective on Altro, Plyfloor and timber safe)

Of course, there are many more and if you are unsure if your flooring is suitable for these machines please contact us before purchasing for a no-obligation demonstration.

Can I clean right up to the wall?

Yes – the brushes within the machine are offset to one side, this allows the machine to clean right up to the edge of a floor. This is a great benefit over a lot of traditional rotary machines that struggle to get into edges.

How easy are these cylindrical brush machines to manoeuvre?

As the brushes underneath the machine and rotate in opposite directions to each other they effectively cancel each other out, this means that the machine will not try to run away and drag you around the room. It also means that the machine is very easy to move in almost any direction with very little effort. It virtually ‘hovers’ on the brushes, using the weight of the machine to do all the work.

What accessories are available?

There is a wide selection of different brush types available for use with this machine; this will allow you to adjust the performance of the machine depending on the type of floor you are cleaning. For example, there are course brushes for cleaning concrete and soft delicate brushes for cleaning wool carpets.

If you want advice on picking the right brush for your requirements please phone us and we will be happy to assist.

What are the differences between the 280, 340, 420 and 620 Versions?

Size and capacity, the machines are named by their width (e.g. Duplex 420 is 420mm wide), as the bigger machines are larger in size they have a bigger storage capacity for cleaning solution and recovered waste.

When choosing the machine it is worth taking the size into consideration, if you mostly have tight areas to clean it would be worth looking at the smaller machines like the 280 and 340 versions and larger variants for bigger areas.

Full technical details and dimensions for each machine can be seen below in the specifications table.

I am a homeowner would one of these machines be suitable?

Yes, the 280 would be ideal for use in and around the home; it is relatively lightweight and can be used on almost all floor types commonly found around the home.

I work in a shopping centre which machine would you recommend?

This all depends on the area within the shopping centre you intend to clean, if you are looking for a machine to take on big wide open spaces then the 620 will be the ideal machine for the job. However if you want something to work around isles, and toilet cubicles you may want to consider something smaller.

I am looking for one of these machines to clean a veterinary clinic which one is best for me?

If you are working in any area where surfaces may need to be sterilised as well as cleaned then the steam range may be more suitable for you.

Can I see this machine working before I buy it?

Yes and we would always recommend having a demonstration before buying, this is a great way to check that the machine you are investing in is the right one for your needs. It will also allow us to send a Duplex certified technician out to your site who will be able to specify any required accessories to make your cleaning routine as easy and effective as possible.

Can I get training on the machine?

Of course, training is included in the price and you will always have the peace of mind of having phone support in the future. We have found through experience that training on machines is a great way to improve cleaning performance and extend the lifespan of the machine through proper maintenance.

Still got questions?

Give our sales team a call on our Freephone number, one of our advisors will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the right machine.


Motor Power (280) 450W | (340, 420) 1000W | (620) 1600W
Weight (280) 13Kg | (340) 22 Kg | (420) 27Kg | (620) 36Kg
Sound Level < 60 dB
Power Source 230V AC 50/60Hz
Coverage Per Hour (280) 120 Square Metre per Hour | (340) 180 Square Metre per Hour | (420) 350 Square Metre Per Hour | (620) 550 Square Metre Per Hour
Speed Brush Speed 650 - 750rpm
Cable Length 10 Metre
Cleaning Width (280) 224mm | (320) 280mm | (420) 350mm | (620) 550mm
Solution Tank (280) 1 Litre) | (340) 2.5 Litre | (420) 3.5 Litre | (620) 5.5 Litre
Recovery Tank (280) 1 Litre) | (340) 2.5 Litre | (420) 3.5 Litre | (620) 5.5 Litre
Height (280) 165mm | (340, 420 620) 240mm
Width (280) 280mm | (340) 340mm | (420) 420mm | (620) 620mm
Length (280) 330mm | (340, 420, 620) 430mm

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