There are several types of hazardous dust vacuums on the market, they are graded by the type of hazardous environment or substance that they are intended to collect.

H-Class vacuum cleaners

These are designed for use with dust such as asbestos, silica-based dust and other substances that are hazardous to health if inhaled.

This range of machines is often also used by chimney sweeps for collection of soot dust. H Class is generally used for carcinogenic materials.

M-Class vacuum cleaners

Offer a lower grade of filtration to H class machines but at a reduced cost, they are suitable for dust that is M class.

How do I know which type of machine I need?

We ALWAYS recommend carrying out a thorough risk assessment before purchasing any equipment. This risk assessment will give you information on the grade of machine that is needed and any other PPE that is required for the removal of the dust involved.

Atex rated vacuum cleaners

These machines are designed for use in potentially explosive environments, or with explosive dust such as MDF, paint dust, flour dust, and powder coat dust. There are many more types of explosive dust out there so it is essential that you carry out a thorough risk assessment on site.

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