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When you have a larger area to clean and need a big capacity machine that is still highly mobile the TTB6055 is the right tool for the job, it has a large 550mm brush size and a giant 60 litre recovery and solution tank capacity, this means you can clean more area with each pass, and have to stop less often than machines with a smaller capacity. 

The TTB 6055 has some great features that make it very easy to work with, these include FlexiFill technology, easy empty dump hose and a kettle type charging cable. FlexiFill technology allows you to take the filling hose from the machine right up to a tap or filling point removing the need for buckets of water. The built-in charging module monitors the battery and allows the machine to be left on charge until it is required for use without overcharging the batteries. 

The option to run the machine in high and low modes allows the machine to be tailored to your requirements, providing more performance where it is required and facilitating gentle operation on more sensitive areas of flooring. 

A large range of brushes and pads are available allowing the operator to accessories the machine as the job at hand requires. 

Key Features:

  • Big brush size - 550mm brush size provides plenty of cleaning with each pass,
  • Big water capacity - 60-litre recovery and solution tanks makes frequent emptying and filling stops a thing of the past,
  • Easy to fill - FlexiFill technology makes filling the machine easier than ever before, with no need to carry buckets of water around.
  • Battery powered - No cables to get caught on anything.

Alternative Machines:

  • Want something with a smaller capacity? -  Try this machine.
  • Want something with a bigger capacity? - This machine might be what you need.
  • Want something with traction drive? - Check out this machine. 


You would not buy a car without trying it out first, so why should a scrubber dryer be any different? Give our freephone number a call today and we can arrange for a no obligation test drive of a Numatic floor machine at your premises, so you can check it on your floor. 

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Running Time 2.25Hrs
Vacuum Motor Power 400w
Weight 158Kg
Brush Motor Power 400w
Power Source 2 x 12V / 100Ah
Brush Width 550mm
Pad Size 500mm
Speed 100rpm
Solution Tank 60L
Recovery Tank 60L
Length 1280mm
Width 550mm
Height 1160mm

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