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More Information About Hand Towels

We recognise how frustrating it can be for individuals when they go to pick up a hand towel and it merely falls apart and sticks to their hands rather than absorbing the water. We can assure you that you will not experience that problem with the selection of hand towels that we sell.

All hand towels at Avern Industrial Cleaning Supplies have been purchased from a CHSA approved supplier. This is the standard accreditation scheme for disposable paper products, and thus you can be certain that our products are of a high standard.

Our selection of hand towels is vast, and thus you will be able to purchase a product based on your requirements. You can select between towels which are c-folded, interfolded, multi-folded or available on rolls. You can also make your decision based on how many hand towels you wish to purchase, as well as paper towels of which colour you would prefer.