Numatic PPH320 H13 Filtration Vacuum Cleaner - Commercial

Numatic PPH320 H13 Filtration Vacuum Cleaner - Commercial
Numatic PPH320 H13 Filtration Vacuum Cleaner - Commercial
Numatic PPH320 H13 Filtration Vacuum Cleaner - Commercial
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    PPH320 H13 Class Vacuum Cleaner Numatic 

    The PPH320 (previously the PPH320A & PPH320-12 ) is ideal for use in environments where an H13 filtration is required ( 99.99% standard, 0.3-micron particle size). 

    Who is the PPH320 Suitable For?

    The PPH320 is a very practical and cost-effective Hepa vacuum making it ideal for use in a multitude of commercial and public sectors. It offers H13 class filtration but still retains the practical features found on a standard "ProVac" range vacuum cleaner. This makes the PPH320 no different to use to a standard Henry or NRV200 on a daily basis.

    If you are based in a hospital, doctors surgery, care home or veterinarian clinic then the PPH320 may well be worth considering. 

    How does the Hepa Filtration Work?

    The filtration on this vacuum cleaner operates much like the filtration on any other Numatic vacuum cleaner, you have a standard Hepa-Flo vacuum bag, and then a basket filter but in addition to this there is a HEPA cartridge. It is this Hepa cartridge that gives the PPH320 its additional filtration performance. 

    For this reason, you will need to use dust bags with the PPH320, we always recommend that you use genuine dust bags as these offer good filtration at a very sensible price.

    What are the practical features that make the PPH320 easy to work with?

    • Re-wind cable with easy change - The power cable on the PPH has a rewind feature, this makes the machine easy to store. It is also the only HEPA or advanced filtration machine that offers a rewind function. There is also a “kettle style” plug on the power cable allowing it to be changed without specialist tools or knowledge should the cable ever become damaged.
    • Wand docking  - This makes the vacuum far easier to store and transport, as you no longer need to juggle the wand vacuum and hose, it now only takes one hand to carry the vacuum and wand. You also do not need to find somewhere to lean the hose up against when you have finished using the machine. 

    What accessory kit comes with the PPH320?

    The PPH is supplied with a variety of accessories for cleaning both floors and furniture, as well as fixtures such as skirtings and window ledges.

    Need more information?

    Give us a call on our freephone number, our sales and technical team will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the right machine for your needs. 


    *Free Delivery to Mainland UK only (excludes highlands, NI & Islands).


    Performance Ratings
    Annual Energy Consumption (kWh)26.2
    Energy Rating (A-G)A
    Carpet Cleaning (A-G)D
    Hard Floor Cleaning (A-G)D
    Dust Re-Emmissions (A-G)C
    Sound Power db(A)72dB
    Motor Power620W
    Suction2300mm H2O
    Cleaning Range26.8m
    Power Source230V AC 50/60Hz

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