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More Information About Brushes, Brooms & Dustpans

Use our brushes, brooms & dustpans in any commercial or customer facing environment. Our broom heads can be purchased in colour coded versions – red, yellow, blue and green.

We sell broom handles, mop heads, washing up brushes, floor sweeper heads, and a range of add-ons for the broom handle or floor sweeper. We trade in both traditional wooden and modern aluminium broom handles, and traditional wooden and plastic brush heads. We also sell a range of toilet brushes, nail scrubbing brushes, and dustpan and brush sets.

Our brushes, brooms & dustpans are mostly manufactured by long-established company Robert Scott. These are available either as replacement parts (mop and broom heads, for example), or as complete units – mop handle and mop head.

We also retail a range of buckets and cleaning signs suitable for equipping a janitorial trolley. For more information about the brushes, brooms & dustpans available at Avern Industrial Cleaning Supplies, please contact our customer services department.