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More Information About Trigger Spray Cleaners

Trigger spray cleaners are ideal for businesses that use large volumes of surface cleaner. The spray nozzle disperses the cleaning chemical evenly over an area defined by the twist function. Simply twist to a single jet for powerful localised cleaning, or allow the jet to become a spray mist for a wider cleaning catchment.

Avern Industrial Cleaning Supplies stocks a huge range of trigger spray cleaners and odour neutralisers, suitable for use in all professional and commercial environments. From insecticide to stain removal and from bathroom cleaner to oven cleaner, our selection of Selden and Craftex products will clean, sanitise and refresh any room and every surface.

Talk to our friendly and helpful customer services team about the trigger spray cleaners most suited to the requirements of your business. Whether you need virucide or a coffee stain remover, we have got the trigger spray to help. Call or email us today.