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More Information About Catering Chemicals

We stock a huge range of high-quality catering chemicals, suitable for use in all catering environments. As well as all-purpose sprays, cream cleaners and liquid solutions, we stock special preparations designed to perform specific functions – for instance, our beer pipe and line cleaning fluid, which is supplied in large, five-litre units.

Our catering chemicals are either manufactured in house or by an equally tried and tested brand. We stock fragranced cleaners and sanitisers; cleaning products designed for specific materials (for example, for aluminium); and products that clean without an odour.

Our catering chemicals are manufactured to provide maximum cleaning power for minimal dosage. Follow the dosing instructions on the packaging to ensure you get the best results for your application. Remember, for heavy soiling or grease you may be required to use a second dose.

All of our catering chemicals are designed to protect your business’ preparation and service areas.