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More Information About Aerosols Cleaning Products

We stock a wide range of aerosol cleaning products, including air freshening products, polishes and telephone sanitisers. All are manufactured by trusted brands and provide outstanding cleaning.

Our aerosol cleaning products are ideal for use in schools, hospitals, restaurants and other public service areas – as well as in industrial applications, commercial enterprises and office buildings. Many of the cleaners you see here have multiple uses and are suitable for inclusion in the cleaning routines of most businesses or industry sectors.

Included in our range of aerosol cleaning products are a number of special use items – including two types of graffiti remover and a timed air freshening refill spray, suited for use in automatic air fresheners.

Our graffiti removal products have been specially formulated to lift off all of the most common compounds found in graffiti – including spray paints, waxes and dyes. For more information on any of our aerosol cleaning products, please contact us on the number provided.