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Steam cleaners are essential in a number of specific environments, where the steam dislodges dirt and grime particles before mixing them with a solution that can be sucked out of grout lines or off the floor. These machines are used in deep cleaning, industrial and food preparation areas.

Our selection of steam cleaners includes steam only cleaners; steam and vacuum cleaners; and steam, vacuum and detergent cleaners. The steam, vacuum and detergent cleaner provides the heaviest duty cleaning – while steam only cleaners are perfect for light cleaning in areas where drying time is not an issue.

Both steam and vacuum and steam, vacuum and detergent cleaners provide higher performance levels and quicker drying time.

To choose the right steam cleaners for your needs, please ask our customer services department. Our friendly and helpful staff are there to give you expert, impartial advice. Call us or contact us using the email form.