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Chewing Gum Removal Steam Cleaner + 20L FREE CHEMICAL

Chewing gum can make even the best maintained area look untidy; it is hard to remove and often tends to build up around entrances where it is carelessly discarded before entering a property.

Removing chewing gum used to be a hard task taking many hours, lots of water and expensive machine rentals; the Gum-Go System from Duplex has changed all this.

The Jet Vac Ultima Gum Go and Steamtech 4000 Gum Go offer an affordable, cost effective method of chewing gum removal that is easy to use and quick to work with.

All that is needed to tackle even the worst chewing gum deposits is a power supply, cleaning solution and a few buckets of water to fill the machine.

How does the Gum Go System work?

The gum go system uses a combination of specialist chemicals and high temperature dry steam to remove chewing gum quickly and easily. The on board solution tank doses the chewing gum removal chemical automatically at the right ratio. The Chemical breaks down the chewing gum very quickly with the assistance of the steam, the residue is then collected by the on board vacuum system leaving the area clean, dry and most importantly free of chewing gum.

Is the Gum Go system for use outdoor only?

The Gum Go System can be used on almost all surfaces, these include carpets and indoor surfaces. In schools chewing gum can often be trodden deep into carpet piles and is a nightmare to remove, this system removes all the hastle and makes it very easy to remove gum.

Do you need lots of water?

The Ultima and 4000 actually use a very small amount of water to produce the large quantities of steam that they use. This is good for three reasons;

  1. There is less water to pick up with the vacuum after cleaning an area,
  2. The machine does not need filling very often which is very handy if you are working in an area without a water supply nearby.
  3. It is good for the environment!

What chemicals are required?

The Gum go system requires Duplex Chewing Gum Removal chemical to operate efficiently, we have included 4 x 5L of this chewing gum removal solution FREE with this machine, so when purchasing you will get everything needed to get started.

What other applications can I use the steam cleaner for?

Both of these machines are suitable for a variety of other cleaning tasks like any other steam cleaner, with a few additional accessories they can both effectively clean kitchens, washrooms and even remove graffiti off of some surfaces. 

Can I have a demo?

Of Course, this is a great way to check that the machine does remove chewing gum as well as we say it does, it also allows us to assist you in choosing just the right kit for the machine to get you going. Any demo that Avern offers is always non obligatory, and we do not use any high pressure sales tactics, the demo service is purely so you can see the machine working and make an informed choice.

Is training Available?

We offer training on both machines in partnership with Duplex who make these machines. This service is free and will ensure that you get the very best from your machine.

What are the Key Differences between the Ultima and The 4000 Gum go?

The Key differences between the two machines are as follows;

  • Cable Length
    • Ultima – 5 Metre
    • Steamtech 4000 – 8 Metre
  • Detergent Tank Capacity
    • Ultima – 3 Litres
    • Steamtech 4000 – 15 Litres
  • Water Tank Capacity
    • Ultima - 7 Litre Total (clean)
    • Steamtech 4000 - 19 Litre Total

The other factor is size, the Ultima is more compact than the 4000 and is therefore able to access tighter areas a little easier, however longer hoses are available for both machines to access any hard to reach areas.

I have more questions!

Give us a call on 0800 9788 499 where our sales and technical team will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

Pressure 6/8 bar
Weight Ultima 20 Kg | Steamtech 64 Kg
Temperature (Water/Steam) 165 °C
Water Tank Capacity Ultima 4 + 3 Litre | Steamtech 4 +15 Litre
Power Source 230V AC 50/60Hz
Cable Length Ultima 5 Metre | Steamtech 8 Metre
Vacuum Motor Power 1200W
Steam Volume 97 g/min
Boiler Power 3000W
Detergent Tank Ultima 3 Litre | Steamtech 15 Litre

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