WVD570 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Wet & Dry Numatic

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WVD570 Numatic Industrial Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The WVD570 Wet & Dry Industrial Vacuum is an amazing piece of equipment for industrial use. It can effortlessly handle any task in any commercial or industrial location thanks to its strong dual motor. When compared to buying two machines or a squeegee to remove wet waste, the WVD570 can transition between wet and dry applications, saving time and money.

What makes this suited for industrial environments?

The WVD 570 is well-suited to industrial applications because to its thick StructoFoam shell, large diameter hose and attachment set, and powerful motors. StructoFoam is a composite material created exclusively by Numatic for their industrial standard equipment; it is built similarly to fibreglass and is quite lightweight while being substantially tougher than plastic. In the years we've been selling Numatic products, we've yet to see someone damage a StructoFoam component.

The broad diameter hose layout facilitates sucking up larger items and heavier deposits; it also makes the hose less likely to clog if a large piece of waste enters the entry.

Is this Wet Dry Vacuum powered by a single or dual motor?

Yes the WVD570 wet and dry vacuum cleaner has twin motors, if you were looking for the single motor variant take a look here: Single Motor Version. This machine's twin engines provide lots of suction and allow it to swiftly gather big pools of water. It also improves the efficiency of drying rough-surfaced floors by drawing water out of depressions and crevices.

Is this suitable for me?

It depends on what you are looking to do with it if you are looking to use the vacuum for any of the following;

  • Drying floors during cleaning,
  • Clearing small spills,
  • Clearing wastewater from tanks,
  • Drying surfaces on a building site,
  • Builders clean,
  • General Dry Vacuuming,
  • Collecting general dust and debris,

Then yes this machine will work well for you if however, you are looking to collect any of the following this machine may not be right for you,

  • Swarf & Coolant Oil,
  • Large quantities of fine dust,

If you need something for the above tasks, please contact us on our Freephone number and we will be able to give advice on a suitable alternative that may even save you some money.

What kit does the WVD570 come with?

The vacuum comes supplied with a floor toolset and hose suitable for tackling wet and dry floor cleaning applications. If you need any accessories for carrying out “hand” tasks such as clearing dust off ledges then you will want to check out our 38mm accessories area, where you can find lots of compatible accessories. If you are unsure which accessory will be best for a certain task then please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

How hard is it to switch between the wet and the dry mode?

Switching the filters on this machine is very easy, it takes all of 30 seconds. The construction of the vacuum is such that the head simply needs unclipping and the dry filter lifting out along with the bag, these are then replaced with the wet float allowing the vacuum to be used in the alternative mode.

Do I have to use bags with this machine when I use it dry?

Yes – When using the vacuum without a bag, we always recommend using it with one. The bag on these vacuum cleaners offers the first three layers of filtration and prevents dust from clogging the secondary filters.

The bag also provides a very neat and clean way to empty the machine without being engulfed in a dust cloud.

Is the WVD suitable for home use?

If you're looking for a vacuum to use around the house for simple cleaning, we wouldn't recommend this machine. We prefer the George vacuum for everyday use around the house because it's a bit too large.

If you're searching for a machine to utilise around the house during renovations, this could be the machine for you, since it can manage builders' dust, leaks, and everything else that a renovation or building project might throw at you.

I have a certain task I want to carry out that is a bit unusual, can this machine be customised?

Yes – We are glad to be able to provide bespoke vacuum cleaner constructions, allowing you to have a machine that is specifically tailored to your needs. This might contain everything from a customised filter to a deflector plate to a unique accessory kit. We do this by collaborating closely with Numatic, and the expenses are frequently comparable to those of a normal machine.

If you have a special requirement for your machine give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your needs with you.

110V and 230V Which do I need?

If you're not sure which voltage you need, give us a call and we'll double-check before you order. On construction sites, 110V is frequently utilised because 230V may be harmful if the cable was destroyed. A normal style mains plug, such as that seen on a kettle or other household appliance, is used on a 230V machine. 

Please be aware that the 110V version of this machine is a 32 Amp plug, again if you are unsure what this means please contact us before ordering. 

Key Features:

  • Twin Motors - Provide PLENTY of suction. 
  • Multipurpose Machine - Works in both wet and dry applications equally well. 
  • Industrial Durability - Built from StructoFoam which is very strong and hard-wearing.
  • Big wheels - Very stable even on uneven floors. 
  • Easy Maintenance - Easily replace mains cable, easy to clean filters and float. 

Alternative Machines:

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Motor Power 1000W x 2
Weight 15.8Kg
Suction 2500mm
Airflow 98L/sec
Power Source 230V AC 50/60Hz (Also in 110V)
Cleaning Range 26.8m
Wet 15L
Dry 23L
Height 645mm
Width 415mm
Depth 415mm

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