Industrial Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial Wet Dry Vacuums are heavy-duty cleaning machines designed to handle both wet and dry materials in industrial and commercial settings. These vacuums are versatile and capable of picking up liquids, solids, and debris, making them essential tools for maintaining cleanliness and safety in various industrial environments.

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Industrial Wet and Dry vacuum cleaners are a great all-around tool that can be used, as the name suggests, on wet or dry applications. They can suck up large quantities of water and then with the change of a filter be used to suck up dust and dirt just like a normal dry vacuum cleaner.

It is important to remember that the machine should always be used with the correct filter for the application; if it is set for wet use then it should not be used for a dry cleaning job and vice-versa. Using it with the incorrect filters can cause damage to the motor and will void your warranty.

Choosing the right industrial wet and dry vacuum can be a daunting task, with half a dozen models to choose from coupled with a large range of sizes and designs it can often be confusing.

Things to look out for when choosing your industrial wet and dry vacuum are:


When picking an industrial wet and dry vacuum it is important to consider how much power you require, this parameter ultimately dictates how quick it will do a job when the going gets tough.

Machines that do not have a ‘D’ at the middle of the part number (e.g. WV900-2) are the only single motor. This wet and dry vacuum has a 1200 Watt motor producing 40 Litres a second of suction. Machines such as the WVD570 have ‘double’ the power hence the additional ‘D’ in the model number.

This additional motor can be turned on and off as required by the user allowing you to use the machine in a power mode that suits your application so that you can save energy.


The next important thing to consider when choosing your industrial wet and dry vacuum is the capacity you require. If you only use the machine to clean many small areas then you will more than likely require the machine to be extremely portable, in this case, a smaller machine will be better suited.

Alternatively, if you use the machine for long hours clearing large areas and substantial bodies of water then a larger capacity machine will be ideal.

The capacity of the machine is again denoted by the model number.

  • 570 (e.g. WV570-2) - Capacity Wet 15L / Capacity Dry 23L
  • 750 (e.g. WVD750T-2) - Capacity Wet 25L / Capacity Dry 35L
  • 900 (e.g. WVD900-2) - Capacity Wet 32L / Capacity Dry 40L
  • 2000 (e.g. WVD2000-2) - Capacity Wet 70L / Capacity Dry 90L


All the industrial wet and dry vacuums are made from StructoFoam (except the 750T & WVD2000) a very strong and lightweight material that is ideal for industrial use.

The WVD750T-2 is manufactured from stainless steel and is therefore ideal for food plants and other industries where stainless steel is required.

The WVD2000-2 is a drum type machine and has an exceptionally large capacity, it is easily emptied via a dump hose on the base of the drum, making it ideal for use in applications where water removal makes up the majority of its work.

If you need any further assistance in choosing an industrial wet and dry vacuum then please feel free to give us a call on 0800 9788 499.

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