Numatic George Vacuum Carpet Cleaner GVE370 Hoover with A26A Kit

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Numatic George Carpet Cleaner GVE370 'George The Hoover' Pet Hoover

George the hoover is the all-in-one solution to most vacuum carpet cleaning-related tasks around the home, he is capable of many roles, and offers value for money that is near impossible to beat.

What does George do?

The reason most people purchase a George vacuum is for his carpet cleaning abilities, but George really is capable of a lot more than just carpet cleaning. We have covered the main applications he can do below which we think makes this machine a great starter into the cleaning industry ;

  • Carpet Cleaning – He is primarily an “injection extraction cleaning machine” or carpet and upholstery cleaner if you prefer, and this is the reason most people buy him (who does not like nice clean carpets at home). The included accessories provide everything (including the cleaning solution) so that carpets can be relieved of their staining and given a good quality deep clean. This will give a similar quality of clean to machines often hired from DIY stores.
  • Upholstery Cleaning – The same injection extraction cleaning process is used for cleaning upholstery, and he is supplied with a quality hand tool that will allow you to clean sofas, chairs, stairs, and even curtains. Any fabric that is safe to clean wet can be cleaned with George (and the correct chemical for the job).
  • Normal Vacuuming – This is where we get into the list of jobs that most people do not realise this all-in-one carpet cleaner can do. The GVE370 also comes supplied with a full dry kit, allowing for “normal” daily dry vacuum cleaning to be carried out like a normal dry cleaner.
  • Wet Vacuuming – Had a spill? With the wet float assembly (included) in place, George can suck up water just as well as he can dry deposits.
  • Hard Floor Cleaning – Hard floors can also be cleaned using a similar method to carpet cleaning. This allows you to scrub tiles, and other wet cleanable surfaces and suck the dirty water up, rather than just mopping it around.

The above are the primary roles that the GVE370-2 is capable of carrying out, however, the accessory kit allows him to do a lot more than just that, some other jobs he is great at include;

  • Car Valeting – With the smaller hand tool you can shampoo seats and carpets in the car, and ensure that everything is cleaned through. Once done you can use the soft dusting brush and the dry filter to get all dust out of air vents, dashboard crevices, and other pockets and corners.
  • Unblocking sinks – The wet mode that is great for clearing up spills can be used to the same effect to suck blockages from sinks!
  • Dusting Skirting Boards & Picture rails - The soft dusting brush makes this task quick and easy. 
  • Sucking Up Spills
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Washing Hard Floors
  • Normal Vacuuming
  • Drying Hard Floors

Very Simple To Use

George has been built around the familiar design of a Henry and is therefore very simplistic yet robust in construction. He comes supplied with a comprehensive instruction manual explaining the various operations that he can carry out. There are some very simple things to remember to ensure that you get the most from your machine though, these include.

  • Ensuring the wet float assembly is in place for any applications using water and any cleaning solutions are “low foaming”.
  • Ensuring the Dry filter is in place for non-water based tasks and using a bag with George when being used dry.

George Carpet Cleaner

How do I use a Numatic George vacuum to clean carpet?

Cleaning carpets with George is a very simple process that can be split up into four simple steps:

  1. Dry vacuum the area to be cleaned using the standard combination floor tool (included) or alternatively use the optional Airo brush. This clears the area of any hairs and other dry debris allowing the wet cleaning to penetrate deeper and give a better clean.
  2. Mix up your chosen cleaning solution (or use the included solution) in the internal “doughnut” shaped tank. TIP: Do NOT use boiling hot water; use lukewarm water as it will give better results.
    1. Optional Step – Pre-spray any staining with a spot and stain remover (included in the optional kit upgrade)
  3. Assemble the fishtail wand and get to cleaning the carpet. TIP: Work from the far side of the room back toward the door, this will ensure you are not kneeling in water. Once the internal waste tank is full you will hear a distinctive change of note from the vacuum, this is to let you know to empty it, you will be surprised at the colour of the solution collected (even from clean looking carpets)!

Do I have to use Vacuum Bags with George?

When using the vacuum dry, YES. The bag provides the first 3 layers of filtration protecting the secondary filter. This makes George very efficient and very hard to clog, it also makes him very clean to empty as all the dirt collected is contained in a neat package. 

If you do intend to use the vacuum for dry use frequently then we would recommend getting the additional bags with George at the point of purchase as they are cheaper when purchased with the vacuum and there is nothing worse than running out of vacuum bags. Bags found in supermarkets and local shops often tend to be non-genuine and are frequently more expensive than the genuine units we sell.

Check out Numatics George in action

What accessories come with a George Hoover?

The accessory kit supplied with George really is huge, even when compared to those supplied with industrial and commercial machines. It includes everything needed for the above carpet cleaning tasks including the cleaning solution. It also incorporates a dry wand set, some vacuum bags, wet floor cleaning set, upholstery hand tool, wet and dry filters, and a hand tool set for dry upholstery cleaning and a dusting of skirting boards.

George Full Kit Included

Components list:

  • 1 x Standard Hose
  • 1 x Shampoo Hose
  • 1 x Floor Wand Set
  • 1 x Carpet Shampoo Tool
  • 1 x Upholstery Shampoo Tool
  • 1 x Hard Floor Scrub & Dry Tool
  • 1 x Standard Carpet Floor Tool
  • 1 x Hand tool accessory Set
  • BONUS ITEM - 4 x HepaFlo Dust Bags
  • BONUS ITEM -  1 x 500ml Genuine Numatic Carpet Shampoo Bottle. 

Do I need the optional extras kit?

The optional extras kit is made up of items that we have found most users need to improve the performance and usability of their machine. The kit includes;

  • 1 x Airo Brush - The Airo brush is VERY good at picking up hairs from carpet and is therefore very good for those who have pets such as cats and dogs, it is also great for using when doing a pre-shampoo vacuum.
  • 1 x Spot and Stain Trigger - This is great for spraying down stains before you start cleaning, allowing the vacuum to shift more stubborn deposits with ease.
  • 1 x 5l of Low Foaming Carpet Detergent - The additional 5L of cleaning solution will ensure that you have plenty of cleaning solution going into the future.

How long will the Numatic GVE370-2 last and what if it goes wrong?

A long 2-year warranty that covers any manufacturing faults with the main vacuum cleaner and ensures that you are covered in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, all accessories (hoses, floor tools etc) are covered with a 6-month warranty also. As part of this warranty, we will collect the vacuum cleaner, have it inspected, have it repaired and then returned ALL FREE OF CHARGE, this is a service unique to Avern.

George is built to the same high standards as Numatics vast range of industrial machines, and even shares many components, you really are getting a commercial grade machine for use in the home both in performance and reliability. 

Why buy George from Avern?

  • We only supply the machine with the FULL KIT, we do not remove any items as some other internet retailers do.
  • Excellent customer service and aftercare.
  • Free Delivery, no hidden charges during checkout.
  • You can phone us! - A lot of places make it hard for you to pick the phone up and speak to someone, this is not the case with Avern, we will be happy to talk to you on the phone should you want to. 

George Cleaning Modes

Alternative Machines:

  • Just looking for something to use dry? – Try the NRV240 Commercial Henry,
  • Want something bigger? – Check out the CT570,
  • Want something just for wet use? – Try the WV370,

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Motor Power 1060W
Weight 8.8Kg
Suction 2500mm
Airflow 40L/sec
Power Source 230V AC 50/60Hz (110V also Available)
Cable Length 10m
Cleaning Range 26.8m
Wet 9L
Dry 15L
Solution Tank 6L
Recovery Tank 9L
Height 500mm
Width 355mm
Depth 355mm

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