TGB4055T Twintec Scrubber Dryer Battery Powered - Numatic

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When working in properties that have multiple levels separated out by access ramps it is important that your chosen cleaning machine has traction driveability assisting the operator in moving the machine up ramps and down access ramps. The TGB4055T is fitted with a traction drive module, it is easy to control and not only assists the operator when on an incline, but it also ensures a consistent cleaning speed, keeping cleaning results uniform. 

A large 550mm brush deck provides a wide cleaning path making the TGB4055T ideal for use in properties with larger open areas. The brush deck of the machine can be flipped up to allow for quick and easy pad or brush changes. A rigid stainless steel chassis with large wheels makes the machine very mobile providing easy access to confined areas where required.

Power is provided by fully sealed batteries housed within the body of the machine, a built-in charger and battery monitor means that the machine can be left permanently on charge until it is required for use. Plugging the machine in is easy as the machine is fitted with a kettle-type power cable.

Filling and emptying the machine is very simple, filling is facilitated by a long stretch hose that can be lifted to reach a tap directly, removing the need for buckets when filling the machine, the emptying process is quick and simple, a gravity-operated dump hose can be lowered from the machine to a drain point and the cap released, this will drain the machine quickly and cleanly.  

Key Features:

  • Traction drive - Ensures consistent cleaning speed and easier access when traveling up gradients,
  • Easy filling and emptying - Provided by a Flexi-fill hose and simple dump hose,
  • Battery-powered - No trailing cables, ideal for factories, shopping centres, workshops, and schools,
  • Large 550mm brush size - Clean more area with each pass,
  • Stainless steel chassis -  Does not rust, prolonging the lifespan of the machine.

Machine Coverage Comparison

See how much area this machine covers when compared against its nearest alternatives;


Next Smallest Machine:  TT6650S

1773M2/hr (19,084 sqft/hr)

This Machine:  TGB4055T
Vario Model   TTV4555

2000M2/hr (21,528 sqft/hr)

Next Biggest Sit On Machine:  CRG8055/120T

2310M2/hr (24,865 sqft/hr)

Next Biggest Walk Behind Machine:  TGB8572

2363M2/hr (25,435 sqft/hr)
Running Time 2.25Hrs
Vacuum Motor Power 400W
Weight 142Kg
Brush Motor Power 400W
Power Source 2x12V (24v 100Ah)
Brush Width 550mm
Pad Size 500mm
Speed 100rpm
Solution Tank 40L
Recovery Tank 40L
Length 1280mm
Width 550mm
Height 1160mm

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