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Numatic Twintec Ride on Scrubber Dryer TRO6650G/200T

The TRO650G/200T is a great ride on scrubber dryer for anyone with a large area of flooring to clean. It is ideal for use in shopping centres, sports complexes, factories and warehouses. 

Why choose a ride on Scrubber dryer?

A ride on scrubber dryer offers several advantages over a walk behind machine. Firstly the machine has a far larger water capacity as it does not need to be pushed and motors take the strain of moving 120 litres across the floor.

The TRO650G ride-on scrubber dryer is also more manoeuvrable for the size of the machine than a walk behind the machine of a similar size would be.

How can the TRO650G improve the quality of the cleaning at my premises?

As this machine is powered by motors and not pushed by an operator the speed that the machine moves at is a constant 4.2kmph, this ensures that every part of a floor is cleaned consistently. With a push along with the machine, it is possible for the machine to move too slowly over one area and too quickly over another giving an uneven finish to the floor.

How long do the batteries last?

The running time of this machine is 3.5 hours; this offers plenty of time to clean a large area, especially considering that the machine moves at a good pace.

What comes with the TRO650

The TRO650 is supplied with brushes so that it can be used right out of the box.

What is a traction drive?

The traction drive feature of this machine means that the front wheel is driven, this, as stated above, means that the machine moves at a consistent pace of 4kmph when cleaning and anything up to 7kmph when in transit.

It also means that this machine can take on gradients of up to 9%, this makes taking the machine up loading ramps and other inclines often found in warehouses and shopping centres easy.

How does the TRO 650 Clean floors?

The TRO650 cleans the floor in a very similar fashion to other scrubber dryers, if you are not familiar with this process it includes the following stages.

  1. Clean water with detergent is dispensed onto the floor in front of the rotary brushes,
  2. The Rotary brushes then scrub the detergent into the floor releasing dirt and grime
  3. Powerful suction removes the dirty water solution from the floor at the rear squeegee, leaving the floor dry and clean.

Is the TRO650 from Numatic suitable for me?

There are many applications where a battery powered ride on scrubber dryer can prove to be indispensable.  These applications tend to be where there is a large area of floor to clean, as well as areas where pedestrians are present. The TRO650 being battery powered has no trailing cables, making it very safe to operate around the public as there is no trip risk. The floor is also left very dry behind the machine minimizing any risk of someone slipping over.

The TRO650 is also ideal for large distribution warehouses where large areas need to be covered where there may not necessarily be any power points to use.

How much warranty does the TRO 650 come with?

The TRO650 is supplied with a full 1-year warranty, this covers any mechanical breakdown due to a manufacturing error.

What accessories are available for the TRO650?

There is a huge range of accessories available for the TRO650, these include brushes, pads and drive boards all suited to slightly different applications. If you have no previous experience of scrubber dryers and the accessories they tend to use then we would recommend giving us a call to discuss your needs before placing your order, alternatively fill out the “request a test drive” form and we can get a Numatic specialist out to you to survey your site.

Can I have a demo?

Of course, we recommend that you have a demo wherever possible as it is a great way to test out the machine before parting with any money. It will ensure you get the correct accessories and are 100% certain it will clean your floors to the standards that you need and expect.

Can I be Trained?

Yes! Training is included in the price on this machine when purchased from Avern, we feel that training is essential to get the most from your machine. If your staff know how to use the machine properly then better cleaning results can be achieved.

Is there a service plan?

Yes, the TRO650 includes three free pre-planned service visits when purchased from Avern, there is no call out charge or labour charge. The first visit incorporates the training and commissioning of the machine. The service callouts and training are all carried out by Numatic staff ensuring the information and work carried out are right up to date.

Machine Coverage Comparison

See how much area this machine covers when compared against its nearest alternatives;


Next Smallest Machine:  CRG8055G/120T

2310M2/hr (24,865 sqft/hr)

This Machine:  TRO650G  

(29,385 sqft/hr)

Next Biggest Machine:  TTV678/300T

2975M2/hr (32,023 sqft/hr)
Weight 436Kgs
Power Source 4 x 12V = 200Ahr
Capacity 120L
Running Time 3.5 Hrs
Speed Drive 0-7.0Km/h | Cleaning 4.2Km/h | Brush - 200RPM
Vacuum Motor Power 24V 400W
Brush Motor Power 2 x 24V 400W
Brush Width 650mm
Pad Size 330mm
Height 1425mm
Width 1054mm
Length 1676mm

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Total Repayment:

1 month payable in advance followed by 35 monthly payments.

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