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TGB4055 Battery Powered Floor Cleaning Machine

The TGB4055 is a battery powered scrubber dryer, it offers one pass cleaning where the application of cleaning solution, scrubbing of surfaces and drying / removal of dirty solution is carried out all at once. It is ideal for those working in an environment where a cable powered machine would not be suitable (due to the trailing cable becoming snagged). We have found battery powered machines to be exceptionally popular within factories and warehouses where cables can become caught on shelving or machinery, they are also often seen in supermarkets and shopping centres where a trailing cable could trip customers or knock expensive stock from shelving. 

Large 550mm brush deck

The brush 550mm deck is powered by a 400W motor through an oil filled planetary gearbox, giving consistent performance and even load distribution. The machine comes supplied as standard with a Polyscrub brush that is ideal for use in most environments, if required however a drive board can be fitted allowing for the use of cleaning pads. The brush (or pads) are easy to change, and easily accessed by tilting up the brush deck, the attached brush can then simply be rotated and unlocked. 

Stainless steel chassis

The chassis of the machine is made from stainless steel ensuring that it is long lasting and will not rust large non-marking wheels ensure that the machine is easy to maneuver even into small spaces. 

On board charger for better battery management

Charging the machine is easy as it has a built in charger, all that is required is a standard mains plug and a kettle type power cord (included). As the machine is fitted with a battery management system it can be left on charge until it is required for use without causing any damage to the batteries. 

Easy filling and emptying

Filling and emptying the machine is far easier than on previous versions thanks to its FlexiFill filling hose, this is pulled up from the machine up to the level of a tap and water can then be sent straight into the machines large 40L clean water tank. Dirty water is collected within a 40L dirty water tank, this is emptied through a drain hose, allowing it to be quickly and easily emptied into a drainage point without any lifting. 

A one year on site warranty offers peace of mind and a guarantee against failure of parts due to manufacturing errors (wearable parts not included) 

Key Features:

  • Battery powered operation - No trailing cable, no trip risk, ideal for factories, workshops, schools, and warehouses. 
  • Stainless steel chassis - No rust, ensuring a longer service life and better appearance. 
  • FlexiFill filling hose - Easier to fill than ever before, no more buckets, simply pull the filling nozzle right up to the tap. 

Machine Coverage Comparison

See how much area this machine covers when compared against its nearest alternatives;


Next Smallest Machine:  TT4045G

1227M2/hr (13,207 sqft/hr)

This Machine:  TGB4055
Mains Alternative   TT4055G

1500M2/hr (16,146 sqft/hr)

Next Biggest Machine:  TT6650S

1773M2/hr (19,084 sqft/hr)

See how we calculated the floor coverage of this machine by following this link.

FREE Demonstration - Don't forget if you are unsure if this is the right machine for you we can send out a trained and experienced member of our demo team FREE OF CHARGE and with no obligation to check you are getting the right tool for the job! please phone our freephone number for details. 


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Running Time 2.25Hrs
Vacuum Motor Power 400W
Brush Motor Power 400W
Weight 126Kg
Power Source 2x12V (24v 100Ah)
Brush Width 550mm
Pad Size 500mm/ 17 Inches
Speed 100rpm
Solution Tank 40L
Recovery Tank 40L
Length 1160mm
Width 470mm
Height 1030mm

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