Makita VC3012M M Class Dust Extractor 30L Wet & Dry 240V

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Makita VC3012M M Class Dust Extractor 30L - 240v

The Makita VC3012M is a professional M Class grade wet and dry vacuum cleaner designed for demanding industrial and commercial cleaning applications. It is part of Makita's extensive range of power tools and equipment.

This Makita VC3012M 240V Comes with power take off 1800w

Makita VC3012M offers powerful suction, durable construction, and user-friendly features, making it a reliable choice for demanding wet and dry cleaning tasks in industrial and commercial environments. Always refer to the specific product documentation or contact Makita directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information about the VC3012M model.

What Can This Machine Pick up?

Medium Dust (M Class)

  • Cement
  • Grout / corian 
  • Pine- Wood Dust - soft wood 
  • Plaster / Plasterboard 
  • Concrete
  • Filling Materials

Key Features ;

  1. High-Powered Motor: The VC3012M features a powerful 1,200-watt motor that delivers strong suction performance for efficient cleaning. The motor is designed to handle both wet and dry debris, making it versatile for various cleaning tasks.

  2. Dual Filtration System: This vacuum cleaner incorporates a dual filtration system to ensure effective dust and particle containment. It typically includes a main filter and a disposable dust bag for efficient filtration and dust retention. The filtration system helps maintain a clean and healthy working environment.

  3. Large Capacity: The VC3012M has a generous dust collection capacity of 30 liters, allowing for extended cleaning without frequent interruptions for emptying. This is especially beneficial in environments with high debris volumes or continuous cleaning requirements.

  4. Durable Construction: Makita products are known for their durability, and the VC3012M is built to withstand the rigors of industrial use. It features a robust construction with high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and resistance to rough handling.

  5. Convenient and User-Friendly Design: The VC3012M is designed with usability in mind. It includes features such as a built-in storage compartment for accessories, a built-in power cord wrap, and sturdy casters for easy mobility. The vacuum also has a compact design for convenient storage and transport.

  6. Automatic Filter Cleaning System: The VC3012M is equipped with an automatic filter cleaning system that helps maintain optimal suction performance. This feature periodically cleans the filters during operation, preventing clogging and ensuring consistent suction power.

  7. Versatility and Accessories: The VC3012M is compatible with a range of optional accessories, allowing you to adapt it to different cleaning tasks. These accessories can include extension wands, nozzles, and brushes, providing versatility for various surfaces and debris types.

  8. Safety Features: Makita prioritizes safety in its designs, and the VC3012M may include features such as a motor protection system to prevent overheating and overload protection to safeguard the vacuum and electrical circuits.

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Motor Power 1200w
Weight 10kg
Suction 25.0kPa
Power Source 240v
Power Take Off 1800w
Kit Included 4m Hose , Wet Filter , Dry Filter, Bags , crevice tool
Power Cord 7.5M
Dust Class M Class
Dry 23.5L
Wet 19L
Height 595mm
Width 380mm
Depth 450mm

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