Escalator & Travelator 350 Cleaning Machine Duplex

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Duplex Escalator Base 350 Cleaner

If you have ever had to clean an escalator you will understand that it is a daunting task, especially without the right equipment.

The huge amount of surface area that the machine has and the constant traffic they see makes cleaning them by hand a very time consuming and inefficient task.

The Escalator Base 350 is an entry level escalator and travelator cleaning machine that allows a single operator to clean an escalator in minutes, and it is available with a very sensible price tag.

How does the Escalator Base 350 Work?

The Base 350 Escalator Cleaner cleans escalators and travelators in a twin step process. The machine uses twin brushes that counter rotate to pick up dirt, debris and grit from the machine treads as well as washing.

Stage one of the cleaning process is running the machine dry, this step picks up dust, hairs, grit and other debris that collect within the grooves of the escalator treads.

Stage two is a damp clean where fine spray of water is applied to the treads washing the groves out and removing any stubborn marks from the tread groves and ridges.

Do I have to stop start the escalator that is being cleaned?

The escalator base 350 cleaner is designed to be run on a running escalator, this means that the cleaning process is VERY fast. Every rotation of the escalator is a complete cleaning cycle, how many cycles that you choose to leave the machine running for is down to you and will be affected by how dirty the escalator is.

Does it get right into the edges?

Yes – All duplex escalator cleaning machines have an edge to edge cleaning ability ensuring that no area of the tread is missed during the cleaning process. The machine is also fitted with a patented tracking system that ensures the machine stays steady and tracks in a straight line whilst cleaning. This is essential to ensure a thorough clean; it is also a feature that is missing from many other machines on the market.

Once one side of the escalator is clean the machine is simply rotated and the opposite side of the escalator can be cleaned.

Will it damage my escalator?

No – Many escalator and travelator manufactures insist on keeping water well away from their machines, this is to prevent corrosion and any potential damage. The Base 350 uses a very small amount of water, the water that is applied is then immediately collected (along with any waste it holds) and held in the machine, ensuring no fluids get anywhere they are not intended.

Can I try the Escalator Cleaner before buying?

Of course, we offer a free demo service where a trained technician will come to site and show you how the machine operates and ensure that you are getting the exact machine that will best suit your needs.

Can I have training on the machine?

Yes, training is included in the price. We will never just give you a box – a representative will attend your site, assemble the machine and give full training on how how get the best results from your investment.

Weight 28 Kg
Power Source 230V AC 50/60Hz
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Solution Tank 6 Litre
Recovery Tank 3.5 Litre
Height 1200mm
Width 420mm
Length 430mm

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