Vacuum Cleaner Information

What type of vacuum cleaner do I need?

This is a common question that we hear at Avern, and it is quite an important question to answer correctly, as if you get the wrong machine for the job then you will find it harder to use and may even damage the vacuum cleaner.

To begin findhing the right vacuum for your needs find the appropriate heading below that best describes your needs.

I want a vacuum for use around the home.

If you are looking for a vacuum to use around the home for general dry use then the best place to look first of all is the domestic vacuum cleaners category. In here you will find a selection of machines that will do all sorts of jobs from your normal day to day vacuum cleaning, to pet hair collection and even carpet shampooing!

I want a vacuum cleaner for collecting dry dust and dirt

If you are doing “normal” vacuuming around a building as a commercial cleaner, or if you are a builder cleaning on a building site then you will most likely find the machine you need in the Dry Vacuum Cleaner Category. There are machines within this area that are suitable for collecting dry waste, they are available in all shapes and sizes from very small machines like the commercial henry through to the giant tripper motor NTT2003.

I need a vacuum for the collection of hazardous materials

If you are dealing with hazardous dust such as soot, asbestos and even fine sand dust then you will likely need a hazardous dust vacuum. These are specialist machines that are specially designed to collect fine dust and ensure that any dust collected stays within the machine. If you want more information on this range of machines checks out this link here.

I have a specialist job that I need a vacuum cleaner for

Do you have a tennis court that you need to vacuum? Or a lathe that you need to collect swarf and coolant from, or maybe you have a workshop to keep clean? The vacuum you need will most likely be found in the Specialist vacuum category.

I want to pick up water or drain water tanks

Check out our huge collection of wet vacuum cleaners, they are available from the very small to the very large. Some machines in this category can collect water and dry waste, and others only water.

I am still unsure what machine I need!

Give us a call on our Freephone number or drop us an email and we will be happy to talk you through your options of what machines may work for you.