Numatic WV470-2 Commercial Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

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Numatic WV470 Wet and Dry Vacuum cleaner 

The Numatic WV470 / WVT470 (transparent) commercial wet and dry vacuum delivers an excellent combination of performance, capacity, and versatility. It also provides excellent value for money, since you get two devices for the price of one (more on this further down the page for more information & specs) The vacuum is mounted on a strong base with a trolley, making it simple to transport from one place to another on the job site. Even on somewhat uneven ground, the vacuum is highly stable thanks to its large rear wheels.

The vacuum is mounted on a strong base with a trolley, making it simple to transport from one place to another on the job site. Even on somewhat uneven ground, the vacuum is highly stable thanks to its large rear wheels.

What is a wet or dry Vacuum?

The WV470 is an excellent example of a medium-spec wet and dry vacuum cleaner. It is classified as wet and dry because it can switch between wet and dry modes by switching filters, allowing it to collect both water and other fluids as well as the dust and dirt that a standard vacuum cleaner would collect.

How do I change between wet and dry use?

Switching the WV 470 from wet to dry mode is a very simple 3 stage process,

  1. Remove the vacuum power head
  2. Switch the Wet Filter for a Dry Filter and bag or vice versa.
  3. Replace the Vacuum powerhead.

Once the filters are switched over your vacuum is ready to go and you can carry on working with your chosen medium.

It's crucial to remember that, while these machines can handle dry and wet trash separately, they're not meant to handle both types of garbage at the same time. For example, if you're vacuuming up a puddle of water and see a pile of dust, it's better to switch to dry mode instead of continuing in wet mode to gather the dust. If you need a machine that can collect both at the same time, please contact us because we have devices that can do so.

If you require the ability to collect both at the same time please contact us as we are able to provide machines with this ability.

Numatic WV 470 Wet Dry Vacuum

Is this machine suitable for me?

This machine over the years that we have been selling it has proven itself time and time again to be very well suited to applications where people need a smaller footprint for the machine but still require a larger capacity than that available with some of the smaller wet and dry vacuum cleaners.

The 470 is able to work with larger wet capacities and dry capacities than some of the industrial machines in the Numatic range.

We have found the WV470 to be especially popular with pubs, schools, contract cleaners and property maintenance companies that all need machines that are easy to store, can be moved through kitchens and tight spaces, yet hold plenty of waste.

The lightweight of the wet vac also makes the machine easy to use for almost any operator.

Wv470 Kit Exploded

How do I empty the Machine

  • Wet Mode - Emptying the machine when in wet mode is simple, simply unclip and remove the power head, remove the wet filter, then raise the handle and tip the machine out over the handle into your chosen waste receptacle.
  • Dry Mode - In dry mode, the vacuum is just as easy to empty, simply unclip and remove the WV470 power head, pop the filters out, remove the dust bag and discard as necessary.

Do I have to use dust bags?

As with any vacuum when using the WV470 in a dry mode we always recommend running the machine with a dust bag in place. This is for several reasons including the following;

  • Vacuum bags protect your investment – The vacuum bag acts as the first 3 layers of filtration, and although the vacuum will be happy to work with some types of material without the bag in place others will pass through and make it to the motors where the dust can cause permanent damage.
  • Easier to Empty – The bag makes the vacuum very easy to empty as it is almost like having a bin liner in place that can be lifted out.
  • Cleaner to work with – as mentioned above the bags hold the waste, so when emptying the waste is contained, therefore there is no dust cloud and little to no waste to clear from the inside of the drum.

What is the difference between the blue and clear version?

Colour and colour alone, both machines come with the same kit and same Motorhead, the only difference is that on the clear WVT470 version you can see what waste you are collecting (which could be a good or bad thing depending on what you are collecting). Seeing what is in the vacuum can be a good thing if you want to be able to see when the machine is getting full.

When using the machine wet, how do you tell when it's full?

When using the WV470 in wet mode the wet float provides protection for the vacuum motors and also an automatic water and airflow cut off when the machine becomes full. A simple float within the wet filter prevents air passing through the vacuum once it is full cutting off suction so no more water can be collected (this is another good reason to ensure you have the right filter in place when using the machine).

The air being cut off also provides a noticeable change in the sound of the vacuum that indicates the machine is full and needs emptying.

How much warranty does it come with?

This vacuum is provided with a 2 year manufactures warranty that covers any manufacturing faults and genuine faults with the machine. Within this, we offer a no hassle service where we (Avern) will pay to have the vacuum collected from you and sent back out to you so any warranty problems will not cost you a penny.

Do I need the 230V or 110V version of the WV470?

If you want to use your machine at a bar, school, or other similar setting where all mains plugs on the walls are the same as those on your home kettle, the 230/240V type is the best option. If you want to use this on a construction site or in a manufacturing workshop, you may require the 110V variation; in this case, if you are unsure, give us a call on our Freephone number to double verify which is most suited to your needs.

I want to collect Oil and Swarf? Is this the right machine for me?

Not really. You need to be looking at its cousin the WVD900C Swarf Vacuum. 

Key Features:

  • Two Machines In One - Save space and money by getting one machine that can do two jobs.
  • Large Capacity in a Compact Footprint - Ideal for small workshops, swimming pools and schools. 
  • Giant Dry Filters - Big dust bags and a large basket filter make this machine very easy to work with.
  • Great Mobility - The push along trolley system makes this vacuum easy to move around on site. 

WV470 Base and Hose Numatic

Alternative Machines:

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Motor Power 1000W
Weight 9.6Kg
Suction 2400mm
Airflow 49 L/sec
Power Source 230V AV 50/60Hz (110V Available)
Cleaning Range 26.8m
Wet 20L
Dry 27L
Height 710mm
Width 358mm
Depth 450mm

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