Numatic Hoover Bags

Numatic Hoover Bags

Discover a wide selection of high-quality HEPA Flo bags designed for Numatic Hoover vacuums. These bags are engineered to provide exceptional filtration, capturing fine dust particles and allergens, ensuring cleaner air and a healthier environment. With superior construction and design, HEPA Flo bags offer excellent durability and long-lasting performance.

The Benefits of HEPA Flo Bags

HEPA Flo bags offer numerous benefits for your Numatic Hoover vacuum:

  • Advanced Filtration: The HEPA Flo technology ensures efficient filtration, trapping microscopic particles, dust, and allergens.
  • Cleaner Air Quality: HEPA Flo bags help improve indoor air quality by capturing and containing dust and allergens, reducing the risk of allergies and respiratory issues.
  • Easy Disposal: Designed for hassle-free disposal, HEPA Flo bags feature a self-seal tab or closure mechanism, preventing dust from escaping during bag removal.
  • Optimal Performance: The high-capacity design of HEPA Flo bags allows for extended cleaning sessions without the need for frequent bag changes, ensuring uninterrupted vacuuming.

Wide Range of Numatic Bags for Every Cleaning Need

At Avern Cleaning Supplies, we offer a comprehensive range of Numatic bags to suit various cleaning requirements:

Standard Dust Bags

Numatic standard dust bags provide reliable and efficient dust collection, ensuring effective cleaning performance. These bags are available in different sizes and capacities and are designed to fit specific Numatic Hoover models.

HEPA Flo Bags

HEPA Flo bags, also known as micro filter bags, offer enhanced filtration capabilities, capturing even the smallest particles for improved air quality. These bags are ideal for households with allergy sufferers or maximum dust containment.

Henry Hoover Bags

Specifically designed for Henry Hoover models, these bags are crafted to provide optimal performance and dust retention. With their generous capacity, they can handle large amounts of debris, reducing the frequency of bag changes during cleaning tasks. Shop Henry Hoover Bags.

Accessories and Spare Parts

Complete your cleaning arsenal with our Numatic accessories and spare parts range. From hose attachments to extension wands and crevice tools, we have everything you need to enhance the versatility and functionality of your Numatic Hoover. Shop Numatic Spares & Accessories.

Choose Avern Cleaning Supplies as your trusted source for genuine Numatic Hoover bags and accessories. Our wide selection ensures you find the perfect fit for your specific model, guaranteeing exceptional performance and long-lasting durability.

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