Henry Hoover for Pets

Henry Hoover for Pets: Introducing Harry

Harry is the perfect solution for pet owners looking for a reliable and efficient vacuum cleaner. Designed with pet-friendly features, Harry combines all the great qualities of the beloved Henry Hoover with enhanced capabilities to tackle stubborn pet hairs and eliminate lingering pet odours. Let Harry become essential to your home or business, keeping your environment clean and fresh.

A Vacuum Built for Pet Owners

Owning a pet brings immense joy, but it also means dealing with pet hair and odours. Regular vacuum cleaners often struggle with these challenges. That's where Harry comes in. Specifically designed to address the unique cleaning needs of pet owners, Harry is equipped with advanced features that make pet hair removal and odour reduction effortless and effective.

The Harry Vacuum: Part of the Henry Range

Harry is the little green member of the Henry vacuum range. As part of Numatic International's renowned Henry family, Harry shares the same exceptional quality and performance. Numatic has been producing vacuum cleaners since 1969, and their commitment to excellence is evident in every Henry vacuum, including Harry.

Powerful TwinFlo Motors for Optimal Performance

Just like his red brother Henry, Harry features two TwinFlo motors that deliver impressive suction power. With a combined power of 620W, these compact motors outperform their predecessors while consuming less energy. Thanks to improved design and efficiency, Harry offers exceptional dust and dirt pick-up for a cleaner home.

Numatic Accessories for Dog Groomers and Pet Care Facilities

Along with the iconic Harry Hoover, we offer a wide range of Numatic accessories specifically designed to cater to the needs of dog groomers, pet boarding facilities, catteries, and other pet care establishments. These accessories provide added convenience and efficiency in maintaining a clean and hygienic pet environment. With our selection of Numatic accessories, you can enhance your pet care routine, maintain cleanliness, and provide a comfortable environment for pets and their owners.

Iconic Design and Unique Features

Harry stands out with his signature green colour and iconic facial features, making the Henry range popular among British consumers. Especially his cheeky smile. If you're not a fan of your vacuum watching you work, you can easily remove Harry's face. This can be handy if you want to use the vacuum cleaner commercially and want a more professional appearance to the machine. Let Harry charm you as he becomes your loyal companion in maintaining a pet-friendly, clean, and healthy environment.

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