Numatic NVDQ570 Industrial Dry Vacuum Cleaner / Hoover

Numatic NVDQ570 Industrial Dry Vacuum Cleaner / Hoover
Numatic NVDQ570 Industrial Dry Vacuum Cleaner / Hoover
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    NVDQ570 Numatic Industrial Dry Vacuum Cleaner

    The Industrial Dry NVDQ570 Numatic vacuum cleaner is twin speed machine model which is compact & perfect for commerical and industrial use. The Numatic NVDQ570 is easy to carry and wheel with 4 industrial spec wheels which allow for easy maneurerability around the cleaning area , the compact NVDQ570 is great for storing onto vans.

    How is the NVDQ570 Different to other Industrial Vacuums?

    The key features that separate the NVDQ570 from other industrial style vacuum cleaners are thesimplicity and robustness of the construction used.

    Many other vacuum cleaners in the industrial market are overly complicated and hard to maintain and work with; the NVDQ570 compared to other machines on the market is very easy and simple when you open the drum to clean & remove filters & bags, it's a very quick job requiring to open two toggle clips which allows you to get into the drum from there the bags & filter are easily cleaned or disposed of.

    How often do the filters need changing?

    There are two main sets of filters on this vacuum, a primary and secondary set. The primary set consists of a cloth vacuum bag. These dust bags are disposable and designed to be filled then disposed of. The filter bags protect the secondary filters from contamination and ensure that any collected dust is easy and clean to remove.

    The secondary filters are readily available and easy to change when required, if you use the machine with bags then you will very rarely need to change these. Often brushing them off during each bag change is enough to provide a very long life span on these filters.

    How does this machine perform compared to a Henry?

    This vacuum has two motors rated at 960W per motor, generating a total motor power of 1920W. This is DOUBLE what a Henry vacuum cleaner has (2013-2014 model) and provides plenty of power for dealing with all common tasks commonly faced by builders and trades.

    How does this differ from the NVQ570?

    The NVDQ570 has twin motors where the NVQ570 only has a single motor.

    Is this suitable for daily use in a workshop?

    Yes, although it does depend on what type of workshop you are operating (if you are collecting lots of fine dust give us a call and we can discuss your needs).

    The NVDQ570 is very robust it is built from StructoFoam which is a very hard and durable composite material that to date we have not seen any customer break.  The head and body are made from StrufcoFoam as is the floor tool.

    The wheels are a large castor size with a rubber coating, they are again built to last and if they do ever wear out they are very easy to change.

    The power cable on the head is attached by a kettle type plug so can easily be swapped out should it ever become cut or snagged.

    If you are looking to use this machine in a workshop you will certainly find the maintenance side of things very easy, if any is required at all.

    If you intend to use this machine in a woodworking environment you may be better off with an NVD750S which is specifically aimed at woodworking shops.

    Can you use this vacuum for water?

    No, unfortunately not, if you need to collect water as well as dry waste you need a WVD570, this machine is strictly for dry use only.

    I have further questions!

    Give us a call our sales team will be happy to answer any enquiries you may have.


    Key Features:

    • Big Capacity - Easy to empty dust bags keep things simple and clean. 
    • Durable Compact Construction - Tough and compact enough to keep in the van.
    • Powerful Suction - Twin motors provide plenty of suction.  
    • 38mm Accessory Kit - Hoses are less prone to blocking than smaller diameter sets. 

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    Motor Power960W x2
    Suction2300 mm
    Cleaning Range26.8m
    Power Source230V AC 50/60Hz (Also in 110V)

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