HNS1550G High Speed Floor Burnishing and Polishing Machine

HNS1550G High Speed Floor Burnishing and Polishing Machine
HNS1550G High Speed Floor Burnishing and Polishing Machine
HNS1550G High Speed Floor Burnishing and Polishing Machine
HNS1550G High Speed Floor Burnishing and Polishing Machine
HNS1550G High Speed Floor Burnishing and Polishing Machine
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    Numatic High-Speed Polishing Machine

    The HNS1550 is brand new to the Numatic range and offers an incredible 1500RPM cleaning speed. This super-high speed is great for burnishing and putting a real shine on your floors.

    To increase the stability of the machine it is fitted with jockey wheels that allow the operator to clean in any direction, improving stability and cleaning performance further.

    The HNS1550 offers greater control

    As mentioned above the HNS is fitted with three multi-directional wheels, these allow the machine to be operated in any direction, be it left to right in an arc like a traditional floor buffer, or backwards and forward or side to side in a straight line, the choice is yours. 

    Exceptional speed and performance

    The party trick of this machine is the super high speed that it operates at, there are few machines that operate at 1500rpm and this is one of them. This high pad speed means that achieving wet look gloss finishes on floors is achievable when used with the appropriate chemicals. 

    Supplied complete with 500mm drive board

    The HNS 1550 is designed to be used with cleaning pads and is fitted with a permanently attached drive board, this saves the user having to buy their own drive board separately.

    The Drive board is a PadLoc type board with a central locking ring to retain the cleaning pad, ensuring it stays centralised and attached to the machine during cleaning routines. 

    The large 500mm drive board size means that you can cover area faster during cleaning routines, saving time and getting the results needed faster.

    Can I adjust the cleaning pressure of the HNS1550

    Above the front wheel of the HNS1550 is an adjuster handle that allows the operator to easily change the load on the cleaning pad, applying more or less pressure at the cleaning face. Allowing you to fine-tune the cleaning performance to your needs. 

    How Powerful is the motor on the HNS1550

    The HNS is driven by a 1500W Hi-Cool motor giving dependable and consistent cleaning performance. There are also optional high-dust motor filters available to ensure that the motor stays clear of contaminants in dusty environments. 

    Free on-site demo

    Want to see the HNS-1550 in action at your workplace? give us a call on 0800 9788 499 to arrange a free, no-obligation demonstration of this machine. We will send out an engineer with years of experience to your site free of charge to ensure that you are getting the right machine for your needs.

    Get on-site training on how to use the HNS1550.

    Want training on this machine after purchase? We can book this in for you and provide training on how to operate and maintain the HNS machine safely. This training is a great way to ensure that up to six people are up to speed on how to use the machine. It is also a great way to ensure that the HNS is used correctly protecting your investment. 

    Call for further information!

    Have any questions? Give us a call on 0800 9788 499 and speak to our sales team who will be happy to answer any questions that you might have regarding the HNS-1550 high-speed floor polisher. 

    *Free Delivery to Mainland UK only (excludes highlands, NI & Islands).


    Motor Power1500W
    Cleaning Range32M
    Pad Size500mm/ 20 Inches

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