CRG8055/120T Compact Ride On Scrubber Dryer Numatic

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Compact Ride-On Scrubber Dryer CRG 8055

The CRG8055/120T is an economy ride-on scrubber dryer, that boasts premium features and exceptional Numatic build quality, it meets the needs of those who need a capable yet compact ride-on scrubber dryer at a sensible price point. The CRO has been designed to save time in sites where traditionally a walk-behind scrubber dryer would be used.

Access all areas with the CRG8055

The compact size of this machine makes it able to access areas that would traditionally be restricted to walk behind machines.

As above the turning circle on the CRG is very impressive, it is able to turn around almost within its own length. Again allowing the machine to get in and out of even the tightest of areas and dead ends.

  • Minimum Turning Circle
  • 1.93m With Floor Tool
  • 1.55m Without Floor Tool

Clean a large area quickly and effortlessly

The CRO is capable of cleaning 3670 m2 per full tank of water (80 litres), this is with the machine travelling at 5km/h and the water being dispensed at 1 litre per minute. This is a huge improvement over many similar sized machines in the push along range.

How easy is the CRG to maintain?

The CRG8055 ride on machine vacuum has taken some of the best features from the rest of the Numatic ride-on scrubber dryer range to create one of the easiest to maintain scrubber dryers that Numatic has ever produced. 

All the critical components such as the pump, batteries and vacuum motors can easily be accessed if needed for maintenance. 

Built-in onboard charger

The onboard charging system with indicator light means that all that is needed to charge the CRO8055 is a mains socket and power cable, everything else is incorporated into the machine. It can be safely left on charge until it is required to be used. This is ideal in the working environment as it can simply be put on charge at the end of a shift ready for the next clean.

Exceptional Battery Life -  3 Hours Run Time

The CRG 8055 is fitted with 2 x 12 Volt 120Ahr batteries that give it an official run time of 3 hours, however, in testing on smooth floors, this run time has frequently been exceeded.

Free Training & First Year Servicing

When you purchase this machine you will also get a free training and installation visit from Numatic, whilst on-site, they will ensure the machine is set up correctly for your floors, and provide training for up to 6 people. Ensuring that your machine is used correctly, protecting your investment.

The machine also includes two free, pre-planned service call-outs in the first year, these include labour and parts for service items.

Book a Free Test Drive Today!

The CRG 5088 can be taken for a free test drive, contact our sales department on 0800 9788 499 to arrange a demonstration. There is no obligation to buy, so you can ensure that the machine is right for you.

Other Key Features

  • Easy Filling and Emptying - An extendable filling hose allows this machine to be filled from almost any clean water point even a sink!
  • Anti-tip system - Front anti-tip buffers prevent the CRO8055 from tipping during sharp cornering.
  • 80 Litre Tanks - Two 80 litre tanks (clean & dirty) allow the CRO 8055 to clean for longer without stopping.
  • Variable Water Flow Rates -  Choose how much water you need to get the best clean of your floors, choose between 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, and 3 litres of water per minute.
  • Improved Green Polyurethane Floor Blades -  Longer lasting and harder wearing than previous generations of Linatex blades.
  • 38mm Suction and Vacuum Hose Sets -  Harder wearing and longer lasting suction hoses mean they will stand up to daily use. 
  • Foam Reduction System - Reduces foaming within the recovery tank, protecting the vacuum motors of the CRO machine. 

Machine Coverage Comparison

See how much area this machine covers when compared against its nearest alternatives;

Next Smallest Machine:  TTV4555

2000M2/hr (21,528 sqft/hr)

This Machine:  CRO8055G

2310M2/hr (24,865 sqft/hr)

Next Biggest Machine:  TRO650G/200T

2730M2/hr (29,385 sqft/hr)
Running Time CRG-8055/120 = 3 Hrs | CRG-8055/100 = 2 Hrs
Vacuum Motor Power 24V 400 W
Water Tank Capacity 80L
Weight 280Kgs
Brush Motor Power 24V 600 W
Power Source CRG-8055/120 = 2 X 12V (24V) = 120 Ahr | CRG-8055/100 = 2 X 12V (24V) = 100 Ahr
Brush Width 550mm
Pad Size 500mm/ 20 Inches
Speed Cleaning 4.2km/h | Transit 0-Km/h | Brush 150RPM
Length 1480mm
Width 805mm
Height 1160mm

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