Rotary Floor Machines

We have a range of Rotary Floor Machines to purchase at competitive prices. If you need any advice and guidance when purchasing your machine, please contact our sales team on 0800 9788 499. Don’t forget we can organise a free no, obligation demo to ensure you get the suitable machine for the job.

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Choosing the right rotary floor cleaner

Domestic / Light Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines

When choosing a floor cleaning machine for home, domestic or light commercial use then an NLL machine such as the NLL332 and NLL415 are ideal. These machines are super compact and lightweight, yet they are also great at scrubbing and polishing.

Commercial & Industrial Floor Scrubbing Machines

If your primary objective of floor cleaning is a machine that is good at scrubbing and stripping then a slower machine will be far superior at this application. A machine with a brush speed of around 150RPM will be ideal. The most popular among our customers is the HFM1515.

Commercial & Industrial Floor Scrubbing and Polishing Machines

When looking for a machine that can do both polishing and scrubbing a brush speed of around 230 RPM is ideal. This will allow for buffing, stripping and scrubbing to all be carried out with one machine. A great example of a machine from this range is the NPR1523.

Commercial & Industrial Floor Polishing Machines

If you require a floor cleaning machine that will only be used for polishing then a higher speed is required. For tasks like this a machine of around 300RPM and higher is ideal. This will allow the machine to carry out polishing tasks at a much faster rate than slower floor cleaning machines. A great example of a 300RPM machine is the HFM1530G .

Should I use Brushes or Pads?

When choosing a machine it is worth considering whether or not you require brushes or pads, as the associated drive board or brush is nearly always cheaper if purchased with the machine as part of a package.

  • Brushes are great for use on floors where there is an uneven surface or a roughness to the surface such as quarry tiles, concrete floors and wooden floors with wide grooves between boards. This is because the bristles of the brush can reach down into these crevices and provide a far superior clean as the machine is used.
  • Floor pads are ideal for use on flat smooth floors such as vinyl, ceramic tiles and laminates. Pads are great as they are easily changed to suit different requirements. The pads are also cheap to buy. So if you think these pads offer the best solution for your floor ensure you also buy a drive board with your machine.

As used by the floor care experts

We supply proffessional floor restoration company The Floor Sanding Experts with many Numatic rotary floor machines, for use in both sanding applications, aswell as for polishing and buffing.

They use these machines are they are reliable, well priced and do a great job. You can be confident that you are buying tried and tested machinery that is approved and used by the best in the floor care industry.

The Floor Sanding Experts

Machine Accessory & Application Table

Getting the best from your floor cleaning machine is not just about having the right machine, but the right accessories too. We have put together the table below to assist with choosing the right speed, weight and accessories for the job at hand. Please see the key below for a guide to the meaning of the table cells.

Machine NLL332 NLL415 HFM1515 HFM1523 HFM1530 HFM1545 HFT1530 NR1500S NR1500H NRL1500 NRT1530 NRS450 HNS1550
Speed 200rpm 150rpm 150rpm 230rpm 300rpm 450rpm 150rpm
150rpm 300rpm 150rpm 150rpm
450rpm 1500rpm
Weight 18Kgs 18.5Kgs 30Kgs 30Kgs 30Kgs 30Kgs 30Kgs 40Kgs 40Kgs 40Kgs 40Kgs 35Kgs 35Kgs
Strpping     Black Black     Black Black   Black Black    
Scrub Green Green Green Green     Green Green   Green Green    
Polish Red Red   Red Red Red Red   Red   Red Red  
      Blue Blue Blue Blue   Blue   Blue Blue Blue
Buff           Tan           Tan  
Burnish                         White
Sand     Grit         Grit          
Grinding     Carbotex         Carbotex          
    Nyloscrub         Nyloscrub     Nyloscrub    

key: Colour names represent a colour of cleaning pad that will need to be used with the machine, "Grit" means that specialist sanding disks and drive boards are required. Carbotex, Nyloscrub and bonnet mops are all alternative drive boards or covers that are available for these machines on our website.

If at any time you need any advice and guidance when purchasing your machine please feel free to call our sales team on 0800 9788 499 . Don’t forget we can organise a free no obligation demo for you to make sure you get the right machine for the job.

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