SW750 Battery Powered Warehouse Floor Sweeper Nilfisk

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SW750 Battery-Powered Warehouse Floor Sweeper Nilfisk 

The SW750 Is nilfisk's smallest battery floor sweeper which is a compact design for all areas, whether you are cleaning inside or out there is a walk behind the Nilfisk sweeper to suit your needs, the battery-powered variant offers the ideal solution for indoor applications, and the petrol-powered machine is great for farms, fuel stations, supermarkets, and outdoor storage areas. This battery-powered, truly versatile sweeper can go anywhere and be used for cleaning everything from retail areas to gas stations. With the carpet kit, it can even clean soft floors. What’s more, it comes with an onboard charger as a standard to ensure you save time. Moreover, it cleans so silently that it can be used even in the most noise-sensitive areas. At just 59dbA, the SW750 sweeper is suitable for daytime cleaning without the risk of causing a disturbance. In fact, the entire design is so efficient, and so cleverly thought-out, that productivity is assured even with an inexperienced operator while operating costs are minimized.

How is a sweeper different to a scrubber dryer?

Where scrubber driers clean floors of stains and marks sweepers remove larger debris such as stones, litter, and similar dirt. This makes it great for clearing large areas quickly of any dirt instead of sweeping.

How does the SW750 sweeper collect dirt?

A brush at the front of the machine pulls dirt, litter, and debris under the machine where it is collected by a rotating drum broom. This lifts the dirt into a container within the machine. Dust control technology ensures that the 750 will not be responsible for huge dust clouds as it sweeps.

The offset front brush makes cleaning right up into edges and corners not only possible but very easy.  

A wet sweep bypass valve means that the odd puddle or spill can be swept over without causing damage to the machine.

The 750 is simple to empty, both the petrol and battery variants have a waste hopper that is on wheels making it easy to take to where it needs to be emptied. Hands are also kept clear of any internal “dirty” areas on the hopper.

Is the Sweeper easy to maintain?

Yes, there are no tools required to remove the main broom or filter set for cleaning or maintenance.

Charging the battery-powered machine

The battery-powered machine incorporates an onboard charger, so when the machine requires a charge it is a simple process of plugging it into the wall and letting it do its thing.

Some other key features of this machine are;

  • Easy to adjust the handle height for operator comfort,
  • Non-marking traction wheels,
  • Wet sweep bypass mode,
  • Manual filter shaker,
  • Dust Collection,
  • Ability to climb gradients of up to 20%

If you have any questions please contact us on our Freephone number where one of our trained sales team will be happy to assist you in choosing the right machine for your needs.

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Climb Rate 20% Climbing Rate
Running Time 2 Hours Running Time
Sound Level 59 (dB(A)
Weight 68kg
Power Source Battery 12V
Brush Width 315mm
Capacity 60 Litres
Speed 4km/h
Length 998mm
Width 800mm
Height 1100mm
Special Features
On Board Charger Included
LED Battery Meter Included
Non Marking Traction Wheels Included
Adjustable Handle Included

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