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More Information About Toilet Roll Dispensers

Jofel toilet roll dispensers are designed for use in a variety of situations, and come in finishes suited to both back room and customer facing environments. These dispensers are capable of dispensing a number of different roll types; including maxi rolls and flat pack toilet tissues.

Ideal for use in hotels, bars, restaurants, and other venues where a high class look is required, Jofel’s stainless steel finish toilet roll dispensers are available at Avern Industrial Cleaning Supplies. For back room use, or installation in midrange catering venues, Jofel’s white shock proof plastic toilet roll dispensers offer the same easy use in a strong and affordable package.

Both stainless steel and shock proof plastic dispensers are easy to clean, and are supplied with fittings and keys. For more information on any of the products shown here, or to inquire about the most suitable device for installation in a specific type of room, please contact our customer services team.

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