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More Information About Carpet & Upholstery Chemicals

These carpet upholstery cleaning chemicals are ideal for use in a number of industrial applications, from hotels and bed and breakfasts to nurseries, schools and hospitals. In addition to basic sprays and removers, we also stock a selection of hygiene removers specifically designed to provide a safe solution to the types of stains found in hospitals, nursing homes and nurseries.

Our carpet upholstery cleaning chemicals range from pre-sprays to low foam shampoos, and from high foam shampoos to deodorisers and sanitiser. We also stock protective treatments; spot and stain removers; and special products and additives designed to make sure all your industrial and commercial furniture and soft fittings are superbly clean at all times.

Our carpet upholstery cleaning chemicals also include ranges of specialist cleaners, including ink stain and iron and rust remover. For more information on any of our cleaning products please get in touch with us.