Amphoclen / Bactoclean Sanitiser Cleaner F104 5 Litre Selden

Amphoclen / Bactoclean Sanitiser Cleaner F104 5 Litre Selden
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    Amphoclen sold as Bactoclean under the Avern Brand is fully tested with proven effectiveness against Gram+ve and Gram-ve bacteria passes EN1276. F104 is specially formulated to cut through and disperse blood stains, shortenings, fats and grease. 

    Amphoclens powerful bactericidal properties make it ideal for use in many other applications outside of catering and food plants, these applications include use in, veterinary buildings, kennels, animal houses, schools, changing rooms, hospitals, restaurants etc. A low foaming formula ensures that F104 can be used with equipment without worry of excess foam causing problems. 

    Depending on the applications Amphoclen can be used at a ratio of one unit to 300 parts water making it very cost effective to use.

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