HDS 7/10-4M Medium Class Hot Water Pro Pressure Washer - Karcher

HDS 7/10-4M Medium Class Hot Water Pro Pressure Washer - Karcher
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    HDS 7/10-4M Hot Water Pressure Washer Karcher

    The Ideal pressure washer for longer working hours

    The HDS 7/10-4M is great for applications where higher volumes of water are required or where longer working hours are needed. The HDS 7/104M features a 4 pole air cooled motor that is slower running and fitted with long life bearings making it a far better suited to long periods of operation, it can safely be used anywhere up to 7 hours per day.

    We also have a three phase variant available under the model No. HDS 10/20-4 M, this version is ideal for those with a 415V power supply.

    A 3 year warranty on the burner coil when used with Karchers RM 110 water softener/scale inhibitor ensures that you have peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.

    A full control panel with logical and easy to understand controls and feedback lights ensure that the HDS 7/10-4M is easy to control and work with. All controls are highlighted with Karchers signature bright yellow colouring.

    Why hot water is better

    • Improved Grease Removal - Hot water improves the ability of detergents to cut through grease, even without detergent you will see a notable improvement in the cleaning action of this machine when compared to its cold water cousin the HD 7/11.
    • Cut through mud faster - The heat within the water helps break down mud and dirt deposits on farming equipment leaving the surface of trailers, tractors, or animal enclosures cleaner quicker than ever before.
    • Kill germs more efficiently - Hot water improves the germ killing action of detergents, making it far more suited to cleaning down animal enclosures or even kennel accommodation.
    • Faster drying times - Hot water will of course evaporate faster and therefore gives faster drying times, meaning whatever you clean down is ready to get back to action faster than if cleaned with a cold water machine.

    Comes Complete With

    The HD 710-4M being a technical product will often require customisation to ensure it comes with the right accessories to suit your requirements. However as standard it will include all the items shown below;

    • Exhaust gas temperature limiter
    • Anti-twist system (AVS) - Prevents the hose kinking
    • Control panel with indicator lamps
    • Low fuel cut-out
    • Steam mode
    • Three piston axial pump with stainless steel pistons, with ceramic piston
    • Pressure switch control
    • Easy-press trigger gun with soft grip
    • Integral fuel and detergent tank
    • Power nozzle - great for blasting away dirt
    • SDS system Electronic service control with LED display
    • Servo Control - Control the settings from the lance
    • Spray lance
    • Infinitely variable pressure and water flow control on the unit
    • Dry running protection
    • Scale inhibitor
    • Low-speed 4-pole motor
    • Two detergent tanks
    • Accessory Compartment - Ideal for storing safety specs, gloves and spare nozzles safely away.

    A Place For Everything

    The medium class range of pressure washers incorporates storage points throughout the machine to allow for safe and secure storage of nozzles, detergent bottles, gloves and accessories. This means that wherever you go to use the machine you can be sure the accessories you need are at hand.

    Need a Three Phase 415V Hot Water Pressure Washer?

    The HDS 10/20-4M has you covered, with additional performance to boost cleaning results. Ideal for factory and workshop applications where a three phase power source is readily available. The HDS 10/20-4M has a 4-pole motor, and blasts away rest of the ranges performance delivering 500-1000 litres per hour, at a pressure between 30 and 200 bar!

    Truck Washing

    HDS 6/12 C Hot Water Pressure Washer

    The ability to work for longer hours makes this medium class pressure washer ideal for truck and car washing, it can deliver the performance needed and the hot water function will remove stains and road grime with ease.


    HDS 6/12 C Hot Water Pressure Washer

    The hot water and high water flow are great for breaking down grease and encrusted mud, as construction equipment tends to be quite large the ability to work long hours makes the HDS 7/10-4M the perfect match for equipment hire companies.


    HDS 6/12 C Hot Water Pressure Washer

    When working on large industrial items it is often the case that through use it is encrusted in oil and grime. The HDS 7/10-4M can make short work of this and leave the engineer with a clean item that is easy to work with.

    Farm Use

    HDS 6/12 C Hot Water Pressure Washer

    The hot water delivered by the 7/10-4M makes it ideal for use on the farm, it can cut through mud, waste, grease and fats without hesitation. It also kills germs leaving living and feeding areas clean and clear of germs.

    Warranty & Service

    Buy with 100% confidence from an authorised Karcher Stockist. If you have any questions regarding the HDS7/10-4M compact hot water high-pressure washer call us on 0800 9788 499 and we will be happy to assist you.

     Suitable for 3 - 7 Hours per day

    This machine is suitable for use for up to 7 hours per day continuous use, if you need something suited to longer hours then please check out the rest of the HDS range of hot water pressure washers.

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    *Free Delivery to Mainland UK only (excludes highlands, NI & Islands).


    Litres Per Hour350 - 700
    Motor Power3400W
    PressureOperating: 30-100
    Temperature RangeMax feed 12°C | Output 80-155°C
    Hose Length10 Metre
    Weight146 Kg
    Power Source230V AC 50/60Hz
    Fuel Consumption (l/h)4.6
    Detergent Tank20 Litre
    Fuel Tank25 Litre

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