HDS 6/12 C Compact Hot Water Professional Pressure Washer - Karcher

HDS 6/12 C Compact Hot Water Professional Pressure Washer - Karcher
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    We No Longer sell this product please click this link the find the alernative machine we sell - Nilfisk Hot Pressure Washer MH-5M


    HDS 6/12 C Hot Water Compact Pressure Washer

    The HDS range has recently had a makeover bringing them right up to date with many new features that really make the range stand out from the crowd. A new Eco-friendly mode makes the machine run 20% more efficient without compromising cleaning performance.

    Variable water pressure and flow rates allow you to tailor the performance of the pressure washer to the job at hand, adjusting the pressure between 30 bar and 120 bar and water flow between 240 and 560 litres an hour. When you need more pressure you have it, and when you need more water flow you can have that too!

    An on-board detergent tank keeps everything neat and compact, and even includes the ability to use an external tank if required.

    The hot water makes this machine great for greasy and oily applications such as cleaning down heavy plant equipment , truck and car washing as well as cleaning down farmyard animal enclosures.

    Hot is 60% more efficient

    There is a reason why you don't wash up with hot water at home, and that is because for some jobs, especially those with grease and oil cold water just cannot cut it. Hot water boosts cleaning performance by as much as 60% meaning you use less detergent, and clean faster. Hot water also reduces the amount of germs remaining after cleaning making it ideal for farm use.


    Great For Bodyshops

    The compact size and hot water capabilities of this machine make it ideal for use in professional bodyshops as it delivers a high quality clean and is more capable of removing contaminating oils and grease before work begins on the car.

    So long as you are careful of electrical systems this pressure washer can be used to clean engine bays ready for valeting.

    HDS 6/12 C Hot Water Pressure Washer

    3 Year Burner Coil Warranty

    When you use Karchers water softener system, this injects a dose of water softener at regular intervals to ensure that the boiler coil does not fail due to a limescale build up.

    On board storage compartments

    There are two storage compartments within the HDS 6/12C allowing you to store nozzles, safety specs, gloves or anything else securely within the machines body.

    Flat bottom for forklift transport

    The base of the machine is flat and allows for easy lifting using a forklift, this makes loading and unloading of the HDS 6/12 easy and safe.

    Jog wheel setup & tilting aid

    Large rear wheels and front castor wheel makes this machine very mobile and easy wheel around site. A foot tilting aid at the rear of the machine makes negotiating kerbs very easy.

    Complete With

    • Easy press trigger gun
    • Steam mode
    • Power nozzle
    • Spray lance
    • Anti twist nozzle
    • Soft grip hand trigger
    • Adjustable water flow & Pressure
    • Scale inhibitor system
    • Low fuel cut out

    110V Version Available as HDS 6/10 C

    If you need this machine available in 110V then we have you covered, the HDS 6/10C 110V will operate from a 110V power source. It offers very similar performance to the HDS 6/12C with just a slight reduction in operating pressure. You will need to operate this machine from a 32A power outlet if choosing the 110V HD 6/10C. Please call if you need any further information on this 110V variant of the HDS 6/12C

    Warranty & Service

    Buy with 100% confidence from an authorised Karcher Stockist. If you have any questions regarding the HDS6-12C compact hot water high-pressure washer call us on 0800 9788 499 and we will be happy to assist you.

     Suitable for 1 - 3 Hours per day

    This machine is suitable for use for up to 3 hours per day continuous use, if you need something suited to longer hours then please check out the rest of the HDS range of hot water pressure washers.

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    *Free Delivery to Mainland UK only (excludes highlands, NI & Islands).


    Litres Per Hour240 - 560
    Motor Power3000W | 2900W (110V variant)
    PressureOperating: 30-120 | 30-100 (110V variant)
    Temperature RangeMax feed 12°C | Max Output 155°C
    Hose Length10 Metre
    Weight93 Kg
    Power Source230V AC 50/60Hz | 110V variant available
    Fuel Consumption (l/h)3.5
    Detergent Tank10 Litre
    Fuel Tank15 Litre

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