Garden Irrigation Kit - Dual Zone - Automated Watering - Karcher

 Garden Irrigation Kit - Dual Zone - Automated Watering - Karcher
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    Karcher Deluxe Irrigation Garden Watering Kit

    Keep your garden watered this summer

    During the English summer months the weather can be rather unpredictable, and it only takes one drier than expected day and your plants can wilt. This automatic watering and irrigation kit from Karcher solves the issue, it offers automated watering at two times in the day, and also has remote sensors that monitor ground moisture, preventing over watering and saving water.

    Save water by only watering when necessary, and applying water to the base of the plant where it is needed most. The drip nozzles and soaker hose are ideal for running along hedges and at the base of shrubs.

    No tools needed for the installation, and no prior planning, it is a very capable yet simple system that anyone can work with.

    The Kit In Detail

    Duo Timer Unit

    1 x Duo Timer Unit

    The timer unit takes care of scheduling when your watering will occur, it constantly monitors the moisture probes in your soil, and if it detects one has fallen too low it will enable watering for the next scheduled time. Choose from five moisture levels. Also works as a holiday or away watering monitor.
    Moisture Sensors

    2 x Moisture Sensors

    These probes are placed in the ground amongst the plants that you wish to monitor, they report back to the control unit to inform it of soil moisture levels. This means you avoid over watering the garden if it has rained.
    Particle Filter

    1 x Water Filter

    This inline filter is fitted to the supply line of the hose, it filters out debris and any contaminates that may block the fine spray nozzles further down the hose. It can be taken apart and cleaned when required.
    Soaker Hose

    1 x 10m soaker Hose

    This 10m long hose is ideal for running along hedges or at the base of shrubs, it is porous and allows water to seep through its skin, depositing an even amount of water right at the base of plants where they need it most.
    Rain Hose

    3 x Rain Hoses

    Supplied in 1 x 15m length and 2 x 10m lengths within the kit, these are the hoses that you attach your spray nozzles and drip nozzles to. These long lengths of hose can be easily cut and joined with the included connectors.
    Hose Spike

    15 x Ground Spikes

    Use these to pin your hose in place, preventing it from moving around. This allows you to get pinpoint accuracy with spray nozzles, ensuring they point exactly where they are needed.
    Tap Connectors

    1 x Tap Connector Set

    This does what it says on the tin, it allows you to connect your watering kit straight to your outside tap. It includes a G1 tap connector with G3/4 reduction piece fitting most common outside taps.

    4 x T Pieces With Regulator

    Use these to take spurs of hose off in different directions. Great for ensuring your prize vegetable vegetable plants are getting enough water. Each T piece has a regulator built in allowing fine adjustment of the amount of water delivered.
    I Connector

    4 x I Pieces

    Connect two sections of hose back together, or extend a run to reach the back of the garden.
    Drip Nozzle

    10 x Drip Collars

    Simply clip these onto the rain hose and the built in pin does the rest of the work. Once clipped on the head can be rotated and the water flow adjusted from 0-10 litres per hour.
    Micro Spray Nozzles

    15 x Spray Collars

    Within the kit you will receive 3x 360°, 6x 180° and 6x 90° spray nozzles, these can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally to target specific plants, as well as have their output volume adjusted from 0-55 litres per hour depending on the plant or vegetable being watered.
    Sealing Colars

    10 x sealing cuffs

    Use these if you ever move a drip of spray nozzle and need to plug the hole. They will seal the hose and prevent further watering at this location.
    Hose end Cap

    5 x end pieces

    These are used to cap the end of hose runs meaning the hose does not have to be run as a loop.

    Different Plants Need Different Conditions

    Different areas of the garden need different amounts of water, there are plenty of factors that can affect this, including how much sun a bed gets, what type of plants are in the bed, and what the soil is like. As an example the flower bed on one side of the garden may get a lot more sun, so will require more watering, the water sensor within the bed will detect this and notify the control unit to water the bed at the next scheduled time.

    With this garden watering kit you can fine tune each area area using the moisture control sensors, you can also further fine tune the amount of water delivered to each plant by adjusting individual nozzles within a flower bed.

    24 Hour delay timer for BBQ nights

    When you are planning to use the garden for a BBQ or party the last thing you want is the sprinklers starting up and soaking all your guests. Within the control unit is a function to delay watering for 24 hours until the next allotted time, letting you and your guests stay dry and enjoy the garden.

    Rain Hose In Use

    No more dead plants after a holiday.

    We have all been away on holiday and asked the neighbour or friends to water our plants, only to arrive home and find a corner of the garden (or all the garden) wilted and dried out. This dual zone watering kit will take care of all watering needs whilst you are away, allowing you to relax knowing your garden is in safe hands.

    Soaker Hose In Use

    Key Features

    • Twice per day automted watering
    • Automatic adjustment for changes in weather
    • 24 hour delay function
    • Remote soil monitoring of two locations
    • Complete kit
    • Easy no tool assembly

    Simple to use

    There are no tools needed in the assembly of the watering kit, it even comes with a carry case to keep all your accessories safe and in one place. Within a couple of hours your garden will be all set for automated irrigation, saving you time and water.

    Easy to use and assemble

    Warranty & Service

    Buy with 100% confidence from an authorised Karcher Stockist. If you have any questions regarding this deluxe home watering kit call us on 0800 9788 499 and we will be happy to assist you.

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