Mains Scrubber Dryers

Mains Scrubber Dryers - the ultimate solution for efficient and hassle-free floor cleaning.

Keeping your surroundings clean and safe is essential; you cannot compromise on hygiene and safety standards when it comes to floor cleaning. Our range of mains-powered scrubber dryers provides a reliable solution for effectively dealing with dirt, grime, and spills. These machines are designed for prolonged cleaning sessions and easily handle daily maintenance tasks.

Our Mains Scrubber Dryers come with powerful motors and adjustable settings, providing versatile cleaning options for different floor surfaces and areas of varying sizes. Whether you manage a school, commercial facility, or public space, investing in a mains scrubber dryer guarantees consistent optimal cleanliness and hygiene standards.

Where can you use a Mains Scrubber Dryer?

  • Large Facilities: Ideal for cleaning warehouses, manufacturing plants, distribution centres, and airports.
  • Educational Facilities: Suitable for schools, colleges, and universities with large classrooms, corridors, and assembly halls.
  • Commercial Spaces: Effective cleaning solutions for shopping centres, outlets, supermarkets, and entertainment venues.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Capable of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centres.
  • Office Buildings: Facilitates efficient cleaning of office complexes and corporate environments.
  • Transportation Hubs: Ensures safe and hygienic environments in airports, train stations, and bus terminals.

Why would businesses opt for a mains-powered scrubber dryer?

Mains-powered scrubber dryers are ideal for uninterrupted and longer cleaning tasks. These machines are directly plugged into the wall, meaning you don't have to worry about running out of battery life or charging intervals. They offer a consistent power output, making them perfect for cleaning large halls or classrooms where maintaining a spotless space without interruptions is crucial.

Cable-powered scrubber dryers are generally less expensive than battery-powered ones, which makes them an attractive option for those on a tight budget or cleaning large areas.

Not sure which machine is right for you? We offer free on-site demonstrations for all Mains-Powered Scrubber Dryers.

We offer free on-site demos for our mains-powered scrubber dryers. Our expert team will visit your premises at a time convenient for you to demonstrate the capabilities and functionalities of our mains-powered scrubber dryers. During the demonstration, you'll get hands-on experience with the machines and see firsthand how they perform in your unique cleaning environment. Call 0800 9788 499 or Request a Machine Demo online to schedule your appointment.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of mains-powered scrubber dryers from Avern Cleaning Supplies.

Clean for longer

Being mains powered there is no battery to run out, this means that if you go from site to site, or have several large areas to clean within a day (with no charging time) a cable-powered machine may be just what you need for the job.

Lighter in weight

A vast portion of the weight of a battery powered machine is the battery packs, the removal of these in favour of a mains cable makes these machines much lighter and therefore ideal for industrial cleaning companies who tend to travel from site to site and need something lightweight and easy to lift on and off the van.

Available in all sizes

The mains scrubber dryer range has machines of all sizes, from the ultra-compact TT1840G  through to the large TT6650S. So if you only have a few small classrooms to clean or a large hall there is a machine in the range to suit your needs.

See how these machines compare against each other

See how much area these machines cover when compared against other cable machines in the range;

 = Cable Powered
 = Battery Powered



1090 M2/hr (11,733 sqft/hr)


1227 M2/hr (13,207 sqft/hr)


1500 M2/hr (16,146 sqft/hr)

See how we calculate the M2/hr coverage of these machines in detail further down the page, or by clicking this link.

Not sure which mains scrubber dryer best suits your needs?

Call our office on 0800 9788 499 and we will arrange a free no obligation demo of some machines from the range, allowing you to make an informed choice and get the right machine for your needs. 


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