New Eco-Design Vacuum Cleaners on the Horizon

New EC legislation will soon be coming into force in the UK requiring all vacuum cleaners produced after the 1st of September 2014 to include an energy efficiency rating similar to those seen on fridges, freezers and other household appliances.

Other restrictions will also be coming into force including power limits and performance requirements.

Vacuum Cleaners will now have a total of 5 ratings indicating their performance on hard floors, carpets, sound output, filtration, and of course energy efficiency.

How does the new rating system work?

All vacuum cleaners will be required to display the following label clearly before purchase, ensuring that the buyer can make an informed choice on the performance and energy consumption of their chosen machine.


What do all these figures mean?

  1. This is the energy rating of the vacuum, it scores the vacuum on a scale of A to G, with A being the current highest score achievable. As you can see the vacuum tested in this instance achieved an A rating.
  2. This shows an estimated annual power consumption based on a constant set of circumstances.
  3. Energy-RatingSound Power – This is the audible noise of the vacuum cleaner, it is measured in a different way to the previous “sound pressure” rating so it is not recommended that it is compared against historic sound outputs.Sound Outpud
  4. Hard Floor Performance – This shows the rating on a scale of A to G for how much dust the vacuum collected from a hard floor and crevice.Hard-Floor-Rating
  5. Carpet performance – This is again based on the vacuum cleaners ability to collect dust from carpet and is scored on a rating of A – G.Carpet-Rating
  6. Filtration – This is again scored on a rating of A to G and shows how much dust was not 100% captured by the vacuum and escaped from the exhaust.Filtration

Will this change Henry and his counterparts?

Yes! and for the better! Henry has had a 2014 makeover to a HiFlo specification, Henry now boasts 20% better cleaning performance and consumes less than half the amount of power over the previous generation. This latest model will be launched late summer 2014, our product pages will be sporting the new energy rating badges as soon as the new version hits our warehouse.

The full range of models that have been upgraded to HiFlo spec is;

  • Henry
  • Henry Xtra
  • Harry
  • Hetty
  • James
  • Henry Micro

We will be updating our blog with more information on the changes that the new Eco Design legislation has on the vacuum cleaner range available in the UK very soon.



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