Bagless Henry Vacuum

NRV200Time and time again we get asked “can I use this without bags” this question is normally followed by us asking the customer the following question;

“Why would you want to?”

There are normally several answers from the customer that follow this, however, they are often miss-informed and not 100% correct. We will cover below some of the most common points that come up.

“Buying a bagless vacuum will save me money” – Well, not really bags are not at all that expensive, they could even be considered cheap! At the time of writing this a pack of 10 genuine bags for a Henry is less than £5.00! inc vat, not that bad really. When you consider the following points too you realise that buying a Henry or similar bagged vacuum is actually cheaper;

The outlay for the machine – With Henry or the commercial variant coming in at under £100 this is less than half the price of the nearest bagless alternative. That is enough left over funds for over 200 bags!

Machine Capacity – Now take into consideration the capacity of a Henry being 9 Litres, the average bagless vacuum only has a capacity of 2 – 3 litres. The average bag on a domestic Henry will last at least between 2 – 4 weeks. So the £100 plus saving you made on buying a Henry over a bagless machine has now bought you enough bags to last over 11 years! (Based on 17 bags being used per year).

A bagless machine does not lose suction as it has no filters to block up” – Again this is not 100% true. The bagless machine still has filters that filter air, and these tend to be of relatively small size when compared to the large basket filter on Henry. Cleaning these sponge filters can be a pain too, needing to be wet cleaned then left to dry out before their next use, meaning you cannot use the vacuum during this time. The basket filter on a Henry can be simply dusted off with a soft brush during the bag emptying process and put back in.

The bags on Henry also act as the first four stages of filtration, meaning you dispose of the part of the filtration process that does most of the work each time you change the bag. Again due to the relatively large size of the bags they do not see any real loss in suction during use between being empty and full.

Other things to keep in mind:

Vacuum bags originally came about to make emptying the machine a cleaner process and this is still true today. Having a vacuum bag means that all the waste is contained within a package stopping dust clouds erupting from the machine when you tip it out into the bin.

“I really don’t want to use disposable bags still, what are my alternatives?”

If you are really set on not using disposable bags when we would recommend using a zipper bag, they are a reusable dust bag that has a zip up the back, when it is full you simply unzip the bag and tip its contents out into the bin, the bag can then be put back in the machine.

“I remember when Henry used to be advertised as a bagless machine, what has changed!?”

Motors!  The motors in a modern day Henry far outperform those fitted to same vacuum cleaner 5 years ago let alone 10! This extra performance means that if the vacuum is used without a bag the secondary filter will clog and then cause trouble for the motor.

As ever if you would like to discuss anything or have any questions our customer services team are happy to help on our freephone number.





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